3 hours in!

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3 hours in!

#1 Post by Rae »

Well I did it!! got my brace 3 hours ago, didn't think my legs would carry me into the orthodontics but they did & here I am!
Positives: Fitting was quick, 35mins and painless. I don't look as bad as I thought I would (though I do have very pouty lips - not sure if thats good or bad!! :lol: ) I have had a bowl of soup & bread - no probs! and I havn't any pain (yet!)

Negatives: The brackets on my fangs are making it very difficult for me to get my mouth around, it feels extremely unusual & is making me look funny when I talk, it is also very scratchy on the inside of my mouth.
my bite is totally different - I'm not sure why this is, but my left fang is now bumping on the tooth below, I have bitten my lip a couple of times & can't imagine how I'm gonna chew :shock:

I am pleased I have been brave enough to go through with this & the whole time in the chair I was remembering all of the times I have felt self conscious about my teeth. However I have just had a little cry, it all just feels so alien & I can't imagine not being aware of my braces or feeling comfortable & confident in them :cry:

hopefully I'll manage to post some pics in the week x

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Re: 3 hours in!

#2 Post by gizzy »

Good for you Rae. How did you sleep for the first night? I had trouble a few nights. It has been 2 1/2 weeks since I had my braces put on. Use dental wax for the scratching in your mouth. Putting wax on your brackets will help until your mouth gets use to the braces. Our bodies are quite adaptabe but our brain sometimes fights it. LOL Good luck.

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Re: 3 hours in!

#3 Post by bracesmcgee »

Congratulations Rae! I have had my braces (top and bottom) on for a little over 2 weeks. The first time I closed my mouth with the brackets and I experienced the "scratchy" feeling that you are feeling now. It goes away after a few days, believe me you will get use to them in no time. It's an exciting time and once you start seeing the changes in your smile you will start becoming more comfortable with the whole thing. I have an open bite and it seems like its way more noticeable to people now but I don't worry about it because I know in a few months I will be looking better than ever. Hang in there! :)

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Re: 3 hours in!

#4 Post by sunnylocks »

I'm glad to hear the process was very quick for you. My ortho is young and has the attitude about the whole process. He says why wait?!

I'm going in on Monday to get started, I need special brackets to push my teeth back/forward, due to my bite. I may be getting mine put on just a few days after the consult so I've been reading everything on this site to prepare myself.

So if you wouldn't mind sharing any think you learned about the immediate changes in your life after the appointment, I would love to hear it! Hope you and your teeth are doing well!

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Re: 3 hours in!

#5 Post by GypsyinBraces »

How are you doing with your brackets Rae? I have the same feeling, like my lip is getting caught on the bracket when I try to close my mouth... :soremouth:

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Re: 3 hours in!

#6 Post by mikek »

Rae and Gypsy, hang in there, your mouth will get used to everything over time!

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Re: 3 hours in!

#7 Post by tomrsvee »

Good luck to you, I drank water continuously for the 1st month, and that really helped that feeling in my mouth. I still always keep it nearby to swich around my mouth after eating (when I can't brush right away) or drinking my coffee (I have ceramics & it helps keep the staining down). You will be amazed by how quickly you will see progress in your mouth. Just remember to smile naturally, the more comfortable you are with yourself, the more comfortable people are with you.

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