Braces with Gastric Band

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Braces with Gastric Band

#1 Post by MeghanRose »

Hello. I'm new here. I had my braces put on Dec 10th. Self-ligating brackets. Clear on top, metal on bottom. Like most, I feel very awkward. I really do hope that goes away. I'm wondering though, if anyone has braces who has had bariatric surgery. I had a band put in a almost 3 years ago and I really have to chew my food in order for it to digest. Braces has sure made that a challenge. I had to back to the soft food diet and I'm re-learning what I can and can't eat/chew. I did some searching and haven't found anyone else who's done this. I hope I'm not the first :)

Looking forward to the next 18 months and the day these come off! :)

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Re: Braces with Gastric Band

#2 Post by GRILLZ »

wow! welcome and good luck. i've not heard of anyone who has done that, but i've only been on the board since april. i just had an adjustment and my cheeks hurt so much i can barely drink, let alone eat. i've gone back to smoothies, mashed potatoes and yogart. no chewing at all until if and when i'm healed...which will probably be around the time of the next adjustment!!

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Re: Braces with Gastric Band

#3 Post by Takako »

My mom also has a band, so I know exactly what you're talking about. Your diet the first few days after adjustments should remind you of your diet the first few weeks after your band went it! Liquids, soft foods, etc. Protein shakes to the rescue! Once your mouth stops hurting, chewing is not an issue. And the pain DOES go away. Just treat yourself like you've just gotten a fill. Lots of high-protein foods that are easy to chew like fish for example, and soft gentle foods. I've even used protein shakes after particularly painful adjustments!

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