Getting braces at 36

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Getting braces at 36

#1 Post by Superwoman »

I'm getting braced for the first time at 36 years old. I've already completed all of the xrays, molds, etc and will be getting metal braces on both upper and lower on 08/31/2010. I'm looking foward to embarking on this journey.[/b]

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#2 Post by rhomboid »

Congratulations with your decision and your determination. Welcome and keep us posted.

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#3 Post by gemimerpuddleduck »

Welcome Superwoman!

Please keep us posted of your progress throughout the treatment, and if you have any questions, please ask away!

You will not regret the decision to get braces, even at 36! I'm 33 and have had my braces on for 2 weeks. I'm loving having them on as it's something I've been wanting to do for years. :D

I have found this forum and website a valuable source of information and inspiration, you'll be glad you joined! :)

Best of luck on your journey!
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#4 Post by ralphylad »

28 with braces right here, 2 weeks and its like you have had them on forever, they are really not so bad!

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#5 Post by Lakester »

Welcome Superwoman and good luck on your upcoming braces!

I was so nervous when I had mine put on. It really wasn't as bad as I had made it to be in my mind (medieval torture devices and hammering on my teeth kind of thoughts). It was painless. I had plenty of soft foods on hand for the following few days. I was fortunate and didn't really get mouth sores, just a little tender on the insides of my cheeks. My ortho told me to not get spoiled by the wax as it would prolong "toughening up" so I never even used any and did just fine.

Best wishes and keep us updated on your journey!

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#6 Post by blackapple »

I am into day 4 of mine. Going to be honest and admit I am very much still in pain. Was a breeze to have the braces put on. Was not prepared mentally for the soreness and pain that has followed. I feel the ortho hit me with everything up front from 4 spacers, powerchains. Didn't get to ease into the process like I would have liked to just getting the brackets put on and the wire. Hopefully you will adjust better than I have.

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Salt water

#7 Post by Kinda Nervous »

Hi and Welcome.
I too, some times from time to time still have pain from either adjustment or :P
of the movement of my teeth and my gums get sore and swell some of a
bit. I do the warm water salt rinses and it really does help out alot I'm not
sure how but it work for me. I do at least 3 a day when really sore or after
adjustments. And also a nice glass of wine does the trick for me too.
Congrats on the braces...

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#8 Post by Sandpiper »

Hi Superwoman,

It's great that you're going for it! I'm 42 and in braces.....would have preferred a magic wand solution (wouldn't we all??), but I am really, really glad I have taken the plunge. Good luck with your journey.
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