How do you keep bracket on a crown

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Kinda Nervous
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How do you keep bracket on a crown

#1 Post by Kinda Nervous »

I had one fall off today and was told come back in a week???
Seems like a long time but it is my next appt. I guess they
feel I will have my for at least two years what's a week? Now I
will be longer with my treatment. ERR.. Not to happy about that.

Steph in Sac
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#2 Post by Steph in Sac »

I have two brackets on crowns and both have stayed (knocking on wood). They scraped/etched the crown slightly and used a special light to cure the cement. I was told that there was a chance it wouldn't take the first time and a chance they'd come off later. So far (4 months) so good. So, perhaps when they re-adhere yours, it will stay put. Best of luck.

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How do you keep a bracket on a crown

#3 Post by MegP60+ »

I have a crown and a molar band, with bracket, on the crown. The ortho said that it would be too difficult to attach the bracket to the crown otherwise - meaning to get it to stay on.

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#4 Post by browneyedgrl »

I had a bracket on a crown(lower molar) and had no problems. It didn't come off until it was removed.

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#5 Post by catgyrl »

I, too, had a bracket come off after about a week. It was placed on a porcelain crown, and I was told that there was a good possibility it would come off, but they wanted to try anyway. I went in a day after it came off, and they did something to the surface of my crown and re-glued it on. So far, over 2 months later, it's stuck on there pretty good.

My silver molar crowns, however, had to get banded because there was no way he could get them to stick on there.

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