unhappy with jaw surgery

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unhappy with jaw surgery

#1 Post by yogamum »

Hello everyone!! This is my first post so let me just briefly explain my situation. I'm 37 years old and currently in invisalign retainers; I had Damon braces fitted when I was 32 and these were removed just before Christmas to my enormous relief! I had double jaw surgery (to advance my jaw) and a genioplasty in Feb. 2009 and I'm not very impressed with the results.
To begin with, the lower part of my face now looks much more masculine - my chin is both too long and too prominent and to top things off it's not even straight! My mouth appears to have shrunk in width while my nose has widened considerably (my nostrils are enormous!) My nose is also asymmetrical, the left nostril is higher up on my face than the right one - in fact the left and right sides of my face look completely different. In addition to all of this I have weird sunken in bits of my face along with puffy bits - I look ridiculous!
But the problems aren't all aesthetic. About 6 months after having the surgery I have developed TMJ popping and pain on the left side of my face and there is a sensation of constant pressure all over this side of my face.
Obviously I have mentioned all of the above to my surgeon - as far back as when the swelling first started to go. His first reaction was to tell me to be patient, which I think I have been. My last consultation was at the beginning of December when he reluctantly agreed my chin was in fact too big, but wants to charge me over £3000 to correct it (I have already paid for one genioplasty which I now realise I didn't even need!) As far as everything else is concerned he basically said he couldn't see what I was talking about but would monitor the TMJ thing.
I just feel that I'm getting nowhere - should I get a second opinion and if so, how do I go about finding a reputable surgeon? I was referred to this one by my orthodontist.
Thanks everyone!!

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#2 Post by ORTHO12 »

I think you need to post this in the Orthognathic Surgery forum where you will get more responses. I am in the same boat as you and have seeked a second opinion and am having the whole thing revised.

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