got my upper braced today but its not hurting ?

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got my upper braced today but its not hurting ?

#1 Post by single&braces »

Hi all,

I have gotten my upper braced today but I do not feel any pressure or pain from, unlike my lower where I instantly feel pressure being put on and hurting.

Does it mean there is not enough pressure put on it? Should I go back to have it tighten a little?

anyone experience thsi before?

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#2 Post by amandad09 »

I doubt your lack of instant pain/pressure has anything to do with them needing tightened. Everyone is different, you might not have any pain/pressure at all or it might hit you in a few hours/couple days. For me, the tenderness kicked in a few hours later/the following day and stuck around for a few days. Every so often now I get random bouts of soreness in different areas.
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#3 Post by fanella »

the pain for me started the next day when I woke up and boy did it hurt!

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#4 Post by Susie R »

I seldom have a lot of pain. The worst was the 24 hrs after I had the lower brackets put on. I consider myself lucky.

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#5 Post by Takako »

Wait until you wake up tomorrow morning ;)

I didn't have much pain until the evening before I went to bed. I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep no problem. The next morning though... Owch!

When I got power chain on, the pain started that evening, though on a normal night I would have been asleep (Harry Potter midnight showing lol!) I winced my way through a hot dog, pulled into bite-sized pieces. Not fun.

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