Special Note to the Under-18 Crowd

Introduce yourself, say a few words, show us your website, etc. Include detailed personal information at your own risk. This board takes no responsibility for contact that results from you posting your personal information. Fetish postings, and detailed information regarding readers under age 18 will be removed promptly.

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Special Note to the Under-18 Crowd

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I posted this in Guidelines, but I'm putting it here, too to draw your attention to the info.

While this site is mainly designed for adults, it's OK if kids and teens post sometimes. But I'm a Mom and I have some important things to say to you guys, so listen up:

Don't post too much personal information. Weirdos lurk everywhere on the web. Please don't post your address, your real name, your phone number, or give a link to a web site that has this sort of information. Be careful who you email or PM or IM. Just please be careful. Less info is always better.

If you mistakenly put this sort of info in your profile or in a post, you can edit it out, or I can do it for you. I can even delete you as a user and you can start over with a different name.

If someone starts harassing you via this site, please let me know, and please tell your parents or another trusted adult.

Don't secretly meet up with anybody you meet over the internet -- your parents or another trusted adult should know about it.

If you ever have any questions about this site, please email and ask me.

OK, the Mom in me feels better! :roll:

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#2 Post by naomi »

Lynn you are so cute! :lol:
Don't post too much personal information. Weirdos lurk everywhere on the web.
..and you are so right! Let's just say been there, done that and met the weirdo face to face. Lynn is right, less info is better. Keep it safe and have fun 8)


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I agree with the above. 8)

If I may be so bold... I have a request.

Since this is an adult forum, please act like adults. Leave the AIM "omg wtf? like wow ppl" speak to AIM. This isn't a chat or your livejournal, it's a discussion forum where you're talking to strangers, many of whom don't speak English as their first language. Please use good netiquette and make an attempt at real sentence structure and punctuation.

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Thanks, Kristine, for pointing out that not everybody on this board are native English speakers. It gives me a huge kick to know there actually are people from all over the globe talking here! And such a nice bunch of people they are :heart: