expander anyone?

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Hi milliondollar,

does the expnder u put on impair your speech or effect you in any way?

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Adult with Lower Jaw Expander?

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I am 23 and about to gt a lower jaw expander? Is this okay? I really feel uneasy about getting it because I have onyl heard of children getting them. Also is it going to make my jaw wider like on the ouside of my face? Will it be noticable?

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The one that I'm using is different than the others too. I turn the key outside my mouth, which is sweet becasue I get to do it myself. Any my orthodontist said a gap between the teeth is nortmal. This is the video my ortho gave me to watch so that I got a better understanding of what goes on while I have it in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-lGK_h3Cfs . Does anyone have one like mine? :D

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Hello everybody.
I got my Hyrax expander in July, and at the end of December I'm supposed to get it out. I turned the key about 2-3 times a week for about 2 months and then I stopped. By my calculations I believe I expanded about 6mm. It was a nonsurgical expansion. I also had a removable lower expander for about 2 months.
Like I said, I am getting my upper expander removed in about 2 weeks. Until now I was only nervous about how they are gonna pull those bands off of my molars....but now, after seeing Amanda's pictures from after her expander removal....I AM TERRIFIED!!!!!!!!!!!!....Amanda, your mouth is so raw, why? Does that happen to everybody? Can you explain me what happened to you?
Or, can anybody else explain me??????????????

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Sorry, in my earlier post, I just assumed your name was Amanda. My question is for amandad09...or for anybody else who can answer.

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felicia *I assume your name is felicia*
I cannot help but LOL. You really have nothing to be TERRIFIED of. I was worried about how they were going to pull the bands of my molars when the removed the expander but it was no big deal. It seemed as though they cranked something to loosen it and it came right of. No yanking like you'd think. It was a breeze.

As for how raw my palate was, it was not painful, just kinda gross looking and felt so WEIRD! I don't know that it "happens to everybody" but my ortho said it was normal, that it will be a bit raw but will heal on it's own. It didn't take long.

If you're anything like I was with negative feelings towards your expander, you will be so relieved to have it out! I was excited for removal day!!! :o Being able to talk and eat more nomally, overtook any of the fear or anxiety of it being removed.

You will be fine. I hope that I've helped to ease your fears. It really is no big deal. Let me know if you have any other questions! :lol:
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