I'm finally delurking!

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I'm finally delurking!

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Hi all, I’ve been a phantom presence on this board since the beginning of 2008. I’ve had braces on June and figured I’d finally register and start connecting with other adult brace-faces.

I’m 21 years old and I had braces put on to fix a large gap between my front teeth, smaller gaps in my other teeth and some rather large jaw issues. As a kid, I wore years and years of retainers and appliances, but my dentist figured my teeth would just grow together. I went through my teenage years avoiding cameras because I hated my smile so much, and as a result, I have maybe 5 pictures of me from the time I was 14 through 20.

Anyway, I scouted out a really nice orthodontist in the earlier part of 2007, and started my research. We did consultations, and the entire office got to know me. I originally went in questioning about Invisalign, but my ortho is a saint and told me straight up, “We can do that if you’re set on it, but you’ll be paying much more for a less than perfect result.â€

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Hi and welcome to the board :)

Please keep us updated and don't forget the pics :)

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