Braces at 23...not so happy about it!

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Braces at 23...not so happy about it!

#1 Post by SGBraceMe »

Hey Everyone,

I am 23 years old and getting braces. Not because my teeth aren't straight but because of some baby teeth wreaking havoc on my mouth.

So, yes. I have baby teeth. No adult teeth behind them. The problem is that these baby teeth have fused to my jaw bone. This causes bone loss and eventually will cause my other good teeth to fall out. So out they go through some horrible oral surgery.

I want to mention quickly that i am deeply afraid of the dentist in general. So all of this has lead to lots of crying and lots of fainting. My mother, thank goodness, has been coming with me to my appointments. Sad, i know, but necessary since i get so flustered.

So, after the baby teeth come out the gaping holes in my mouth need to be filled. The braces (which have to be metal/ceramic, no invisalign or other pretty option for me) will straighten out the little imperfections and help realign my teeth to accommodate the implants.

I have 7mm to move and hopefully it will get done in the 2 years that they are estimating.

I am definitely apprehensive about getting them for 2 reasons (which are probably EVERYONE'S reasons)
1) Superficially i feel like i will look horrendous and will never date again (i am being dramatic, but still...)
2)I am a baby about pain and this is a monthly visit to the dentist - both of which i hate.

I am a pretty interesting person - minus the orthodontics. I work in professional theatre and teach, I also lead a pretty exciting life socially. I am starting a blog to document my experiences since i have not found (other than this website) many stories of people my age with braces and what its really like.

Come visit it and enjoy my story! I hope it can help someone, and maybe even myself.

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#2 Post by jjjmac »

I think everyone is freaked out about getting teeth pulled and going to the dentist. I am! And I, too, have some baby teeth but don't know yet if they're going to cause more problems than I already have. And I also cannot get the "prettier" braces. :(

I used to get really freaked out about dentist appointments too - because I had a horrible dentist growing up. But orthodontists are different from dentists - they are usually a lot nicer and care about making sure you feel okay. Tell your orthodontist about your anxiety and they usually can think of some ways to ease it a little. What worked the best for me with the dentist was to take my iPod with me and listen to music.

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#3 Post by mary. »

I know just how you feel. I get pretty freaked out in all medical offices. I've fainted or blacked out in just about every one you can think of - dentist, doctor, hospital, and these last two are hilarious, the optometrist and blood donor clinic!

However, I have not had a single episode at the Orthodontist. Seriously, it really is not bad at all, and if I can get through it fine than anybody can. I've been getting treatment for 10 months now and have not even gotten a little woozy. You'll be just fine, they'll take good care of you!

I've only had to get one tooth pulled before, and again it was hardly as bad as I thought it would be. They were planning on giving me laughing gas which they rarely use because they knew of my condition. But I didn't need it, I was just fine. Everything is frozen so you really don't feel much. Bring an ipod with earphones to block out the noise and think about something nice like a beach with the sound of waves. Our fear is really all in head. My regular dentist teazes me now when I get tense - he'll chuckle and say, are you getting ready just in case? It's really funny and he's right, I haven't felt pain in his office.

You'll be okay, you can have confidence in them. And, it's okay to bring your mom along too, sometimes we just need a little support.

In the end, keep in mind that this a very good thing and that in a few short years, you'll be sporting a beautiful healthy smile for the rest of your life. Be proud of your braces, if you're happy with them, others will be too. Personally, I love mine and get compliments all the time. It's fun.

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