Braces at 39

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Braces at 39

#1 Post by Chompers »

Hi there all. Yep braces at 39. My parents couldn't afford it when I was young and so I've had these crooked teeth for a long time.

Why get them done now? Two reasons actually.
1. I'm sick of the severe crowding on my bottom jaw which doesn't allow me to brush correctly leading to large tartar buildups that need removing all the time. The crowding also gives mouth ulcers when the teeth abraze everthing.

2. Also there is the asthetic although I'm not overly concerned about that.
I went to the ortho and he wanted to do surgery but there is a problem with oral surgery where I live at the moment and 16 cases have had to have repairs from botched jobs. Yikes. So I wasn't too keen on that.
Instead I'm having a camouflage job done to make the smile straight but lleave my current bite realtively intact. The ortho says it's working for me so its ok if we don't bother with that.

I had the first step the other day. I had to have a lower incisor removed to make more room. Most unpleasant experience. Due to crowding the root was reeeeally in tight. It took my dentist about 20 minutes to get the damn thing out. She said it normally take her about five.

It's been interesting eating as the two teeth adjacant to the gap now are very sensitive on their newly exposed surfaces. They've never been subject to hot or cold before.

Braces in about three weeks. Ceramic on lower jaw and on the sides of my top teeth. Can't go all the way across the front for a few months yet as my ortho says that will open up my bite so we will get to that later on after the top sides are sorted.

Anyway now the tooth is out there's no going back. I have this big gap that needs fixing now so there is no getting out of it.


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#2 Post by mstikl1 »

Welcome, Andrew!
Older than you, dude! And just got mine on 10/15.
First lower left molar out, ouch!
Missing upper left lateral incisor since 15, may will need an implant or something after braces off.
But like you, got tired of the crowding, stains between, weird wear, biting inside my cheeks.... and the ugly!
Okay, so I'm a bit vain.
Good for you for taking this step.
It is a journey that demands $$$ pain patience and most important maybe, a whopping sense of humor!
Bottom line is - you are worth the investment of all!!!
Let me know how your treatment is going, and what they are going to do to your incisor. I could use some inspiration! Mstikl

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#3 Post by Chompers »

Thanks guys. I'm nervous and excited at the same time.

Funny my boss asked me why at almost 40 married and with a child why I would want to do something like this...and he's 60 and bleaches his hair blonde and wears earrings!

I'll put some photos on soon.

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Congrats Andrew!

#4 Post by mary. »

Congrats to you on taking this step!! It's a big one, a good one, and you should be proud of yourself! I don't admit it often : ), but I am the same age as you and just got mine too. I'm glad that I finally had the nerve to do it. You're in good company, there are tons of older adults getting braces these days! There's always time for some improvement, whatever the person chooses for it to be.

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#5 Post by bratsche »

Heh I just took out 2 teeth too, and that's just what I was thinking... even if I wasn't, I'm committed now! Especially when another 2 teeth come out the day after tomorrow.

Well hang in there, I'm 28, so no spring chicken either. There are lots of people doing this. I think one thing I'm learning already is that whatever it feels like, it's just a matter of time before your teeth shift and you will become more comfortable. So remember that when the braces go on!

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#6 Post by HeyTeach »

life starts at 50...every thing before is just preliminary...ENJOY! (I hope you got a 50th b-day tat, Kiwi :D )

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#7 Post by mstikl1 »

Hey your boss is just jealous!
What a fab example to set for your kid - take care of yourself and look good doing it!
And believe me, 40 is a fine age - we've got another 40 (or more) to go, so go in style!

KK Cat
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#8 Post by KK Cat »

I got mine too a few months ago at 39 and a colleague of mine got them last year for his 40th. Must be something to do with "life begins at 40" :lol:
2 upper 1st bicuspids extracted
Uppers braced (metal), molar bands upper & lower 25 May 07
Lowers braced 22 Oct 07
Next adjustment 21 Apr 2008
Estimated brace time 2.5 years

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#9 Post by Chompers »

Got them on today.

Metal on the bottom and clear on the top. Not on the top fron tyet though for a few months. All went smoothly although the taste of that cleaning agent was disgusting. :shock:

My ortho is very groovy funky and setup for teenagers. There is a tv in the ceiling above every chair playing MTV the whole time with music. Although it was country hour while I was there. The staff is made up of my ortho and his ten female assistants not one of whom would be over thirty.

Anyway I got home and decided to have a tuna sandwich. Would you know it a bracket broke off straight away. It was bottom right on my windom tooth. I went straight back and the ortho said he wasn't surprised as it was going to be difficult fo rhta ttooth. Anyway he just cut it off and we're not worrying about it.

Chewing gum right now and it hurts already. Only been 4 hours. Got the wax on the delicate spots...

The journey begins. :D


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#10 Post by mstikl1 »

Hi and CONGRATS Andrew!
Gotta say you are pretty brave to be hitting the solid foods so soon!
Me, I'm still hinky about overcooked pasta (!)
Everyone says that after the first day, it is best to get to eating as is normal for you....
Me, I lost a bracket right off too, but didn't know it because it was hanging tight to the wire, then I broke the wire. Sigh.
Take it easy tonight, and bring ibuprofen with you tomorrow just in case. I have orajel ready as a rule now a days.
Good luck, and remember that the hardest part (except paying for it!) is over! Hoo-haa!

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#11 Post by Chompers »

Day three now. Not bad at all. The chewing gum thing hurts a bit and a few irritations from the brackets rubbing, but all in all pretty good.

Was quite painful yesterday around midday but some nurofen knoecked that on the head. Teeth are a lot less painful today.

I'm finding I'm eating less and not bothering to snack. Crikey who wants to go through all the trouble of brushing your teeth for five minutes then have a snack ruin it. I'll just stick to the three meals a day I think.


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