First time braces at 37

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First time braces at 37

#1 Post by raph »

I've been looking at this forum for a while and it helped a lot with making a decision.
I'm a 37yo man and I've had metal braces for 9 months now to correct my crowding (mostly on the lower side, but one of my top front incisors was quite rotated).
I've had no extractions, which surprised me because when I first enquired years ago, this couldn't be avoided and I still have 2 wisdom teeth.

I was offered a choice between Invisalign and metal. I chose metal for multiple reasons:
– It was about 30% cheaper, although both were within my budget.
– I love coffee. I can drink it any time of the day without having to worry about having to take aligners off and on
– I have very young children and dinner time can be a bit chaotic, with dessert sometimes eaten a couple hours later when everyone's asleep, so it would have been hard to keep up with wearing aligners 22hrs per day
– I am very forgetful, and I am pretty sure I would have forgotten to take the aligners off, or to put them back on, or I would have lost them over lunch, or I would have forgotten to bring the box.

I'm very happy with my choice so far:
– I don't mind the way it looks. I've even had some compliments (but I didn't expect that at the time of choosing)
– It turns out that cleaning with a good electric toothbrush is very easy and not the big deal I expected.
– Apart the first two weeks I've never struggled with food, and I've been able to eat.

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Re: First time braces at 37

#2 Post by sieglera2000 »

I can tell you yesterday I just had wires put in . My problem with my teeth is that I have a overbite. When I was in School everyone called me names that was rude names. And last night I tried to eat a salad for dinner but it hurts for much to finish my salad fso I have soup. And when you get wires you have to get the floss under every wire in order to floss your teeth and to brush your teeth you have to make sure you clean the wire along with the brackets and teeth .
The popping sound just means that your teeth are moving in place . :ouch: but once I get the wires and braces off i will be using a retainer and my sister will help me with that because she has smile direct retainers

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