Fixing a canted smile without surgery

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Fixing a canted smile without surgery

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Hi everyone,

this is my first post and I'm not entirely sure if it belongs here but since I'm planning to get implants during my orthodontic treatment I thought it might fit.
The issue I have is that my teeth are canted. It seems like the teeth on the right side in the upper jaw are lower compared to the teeth on my left side.
I started orthdontontic treatment in 2019 and I got invisalign, but after a two case refinements I decided to switch to another orthodontist since I felt like my teeth were still canted and my first orthodontist didn't really know what to do besides suggesting double jaw surgery. At first my cant wasn't visible, I feel like it got worse after my second case refinement.

Then I went to another orthodontist, got metal braces and I feel like the teeth already look a lot better. The cant though is still pretty visible.
My orthodontist told me I should get double jaw surgery, but I did some research on my own and told him I would prefer alternatives such as TDA's. So today I had an appointment and I got a cost estimate for the next upcoming procedure but on the paper it said 'Distal Jet' but that is not what I meant and I'm confused how this would fix my canted smile.
Usually I see pictures of people having TDA's in their upper jaw with elastics so that the teeth are being shifted upwards.
I'm still confused why I would need a Distal jet. Or is it usual to get a Distal jet and then shift the teeth with other mini implants and elastics additionally? Because my teeth aren't crowded, it's simply the cant that bothers me so much.
I already planned to call my orthodontist and ask him if he maybe could explain to me in detail what the plan is before we proceed.
But I was wondering if any of you got their canted teeth fixed without double jaw surgery? And which methods did your orthodontist use?

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