Peri-implantitis - should I be worried?

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Peri-implantitis - should I be worried?

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I just wondered if Peri-Implantitis is something important to consider before getting an implant? I have a canine impaction and have worn a Maryland bridge for the last 20 years which came out last year. Now, because apparently bridges are not great in place of a canine for long-term use and to be fair it has already caused some superficial damage to the 2 teeth next to the canine which held the bridge in place, I am just going to get the canine that is stuck lying accross my gum removed and an implant put in it's place. When I got home from discussing this with my dentist I decided to have a wee look online to check out more info on implants and didn't expect to see (recent) articles on the risk of implants, mainly about Peri-Implantitis infection which can cause bone loss and risk to other teeth etc. A couple of them seemed to be warning people off getting implants. I'm at my wits end because I already went through the last year trying to get help getting the canine down with braces etc but with me being in my 40's and my teeth being quite close together, the procedure would have meant getting 3 teeth removed and 2 years of braces and pain without guarantee of success. I have now been advised by my dentist that an implant is the next best thing and I really do want to get an implant. My dentist mentioned that after the implant was in, I would have to go to the dental hygeinist every 3 months but I thought he was just being overly careful but now I understand why he said that and that there is a risk (much higher than with natural teeth) of infection with implants.

Did anyone else have this concern before deciding to get implants and does anyone know if Per-Implantitis is common? I also read that you can get nerve damage with implants but I know that a lot of newspapers go for the scare-mongoring tactic to get readers etc so I'm not sure how much I should be worrying about this either urgh!


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