Dental implant failed to osseointegrate TWICE

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Dental implant failed to osseointegrate TWICE

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My dental implant failed twice. My upper right first molar (number 3) was extracted in april 2015 due to an infection at the roots (no abcess and puss, however). Well, after a few months of waiting I had a sinus lift and the implant placed in december 2015. After the operation, I experienced atypical facial pain.

The crown was installed May 2016 and right after that it hurted immensly. I never was able to chew with is due to the severe pain. I went back to the dentist multiple times. One visit, it turned out the implant had become loose and it came out easily. In the extraction socket where the implant was placed in, the dentist found a connective tissue capsule. They also found leftover bacteria from the infected roots that had remained after the molar had been extracted. The area was cleanded and left to rest for a few months.

In december 2016 the dentist gave it another try and placed another implant at the site of molar nr. 3. Even though I was sedated, I felt pain when they placed the implant into the bone. I already thought something was wrong by then, but I was told some discomfort was normal. Today, the dentist wanted to install the crown. During that, I experienced shooting horrible pain, infection-alike (the same as the first time) and the implant came out once again. The dentist said I can not have an implant, my body rejects is and it gets inflamed.

I'm really sad about al this. :cry: It has cost me lots of money and above that, a lot of physical pain. I'm not angry or wanting my money back. I'm just curious what has caused this faillure twice. Is my body really to blame? I don't smoke, don't drink, have no systematic diasease nor am I diabetic.

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