Dentures or Implants ?

If you are planning to get dental or facial implants as part of your orthodontic treatment (or if you already have implants) you can discuss them on this forum.

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Dentures or Implants ?

#1 Post by bluelip »

Hi all,
I have a quick question to ask. I had met with an accident, and lost my front teeth, 3 of them are missing. There are no other serious injuries. But, now, it looks really odd when I smile, because the front teeth is missing. I was planning to get dental implant done, but my husband is of the opinion that it would be better to get dentures because they are more economic. But, I think you have to spend more if you want your teeth to be alright and look good. So, I googled to know which would be a better option, and I found this article, ... nvestment/, where they are discussion the various factors of both, and which would be best for teeth, according to your conditions. What do you all suggest? Also worried about one more thing, will my surrounding teeth be affected by doing this ?

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Re: Dentures or Implants ?

#2 Post by FlyByNight »

I have neither, but if I was in your situation, I would get implants. They function like real teeth, and you won't see the transition between real and fake gum tissue like a denture would have.

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Re: Dentures or Implants ?

#3 Post by pammy128 »

You should get the implants. They are the most advanced technology. They won't touch your other teeth. Just put a screw and crown for the missing tooth. I have had two (premolars) for 25 years without any problems except the crowns are now discolored so I am going to get them replaced. The implants aren't cheap, but it's your teeth. You don't want to fool around.

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Re: Dentures or Implants ?

#4 Post by assertives »

I have neither too, but would opt for implants if I was in your situation and if I was a candidate for it. Implants helps prevent bone loss and I feel are also a more aesthetic option compared to dentures.

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