implant pain after loading the crown

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implant pain after loading the crown

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In April 2015 my 1st big molar in the maxilla was removed. Apparently there had been an infection and the tooth was deceased. In December, a dentist implantologist placed an implant in the gap where the tooth had been removed. It concerns a two-piece implant out of zirkonium, the brand is Zeramex. The operation took a long time; a sinus lift and a bone graft had to be done. Apparently the donor bone from my jaw was thick or dense so it was a hell of a job to get through it. Immediately after the operartion, a photo was taken from the jaw and everything looked fine, according to the implantologist.

The next evening / day I experienced horrible neuropatic pain in the right side of my face, heavy painkillers did not work. After two days the neuropatic pain was gone.

Two weeks ago, the implantologist examined whether the implant was osseointegrated properly, he pushed and pulled with some kind of torque. Now I've got the crown cemented yesterday. An x-ray was made and the implantologist was super happy. The gums looked very healthy and the crown fitted perfectly.

However, it's not exactly what I had imagined; It hurts a lot. Pain when chewing, especially on harder stuff. It feels like nerve pain, tenderness. It radiates to my ear and towards the lower jaw. It's impossible for me to chew on it. Even the soft boiled foods I can not handle. Flossing hurts, as soon as the floss touches the gums between the crows I feel pain. I am rather sad, and I feel like the entire project has failed and for that I somehow blame myself already. :cry:

What should I do, wait for some days to see if the pain wil decrease? My implantologist is very busy and far from my hometown, so I reckon they won't be able to see me again soon.

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Re: implant pain after loading the crown

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Hang in there! Hopefully the pain will lessen and go away over time.
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