Implants With Braces

If you are planning to get dental or facial implants as part of your orthodontic treatment (or if you already have implants) you can discuss them on this forum.

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Implants With Braces

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I got braces put on in 2013 and only needed an implant on a missing back molar. It was decided to do it after my braces and jaw surgery. Long story short, the braces and jaw surgery went terribly wrong and treatment had to be redone. I found out with my new ortho and surgeon that the roots of my 4 main front teeth (teeth 7-10) were just absolutely destroyed in my first round of treatment. Nobody was monitoring my roots and my teeth were moved very hard and very fast, so now I need implants on all 4 front uppers. I just got done with jaw revision surgery and I bet I am within 8 months of ending ortho too. My ortho has cleared me to start seeing my prosthodontist and get some work started. I see him tomorrow to get going.

What is the deal with braces and implants? I know the back molar will be easy because now that the space is open and finalized, they can put the post/crown there no problem while I am still in ortho. But the 4 uppers? How do you deal with getting an extraction (not sure if I'll do all at once, but I am leaning towards 1-2 at first and then save the rest for later) with ortho? Esp this close to being done. If I have teeth missing when my braces come off, how do you retain that space? I definitely don't want my teeth sliding everywhere after this!

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