Sliding Genioplasty for cosmetic reasons

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Sliding Genioplasty for cosmetic reasons

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Hi guys first time poster long time lurker. I will get to the point. My reasons to get a SG are strictly cosmetic because I want my face to be as balanced as possible. In fact, one can say that its cosmetic surgery. Because of this I wanted to ask you guys who the top doctor for aesthetic concerns are?

Would it be Dr Schendel or Dr Gunson and Arnettt? I have a consultation with both of them and I am looking to add buccal fat removal to my cheeks. Which of these doctors are known for having an eye for beauty? Which of these doctors deliver aesthetic results?

Thanks to all of you guys in advance

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Re: Sliding Genioplasty for cosmetic reasons

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Its not an easy procedure with long recovery time since its for cosmetic reasons go for less invasive ways.

Just choose your doctor very carefully

Best of luck

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