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My Ortho has mentioned forsus spring appliance to shift my bite. Does anyone do have a forsus appliance and can tell me how the forsus will be in the mouth. Speaking and eating will be a problem? Are they faster than rubberbands?



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Re: Forsus

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I don't have Forsus however I know that compared to rubber band is much quicker (as you can't remove) and less noticeable. Speaking won't be a issue at all.
On the other hand you may face the problem that food could get stuck in (not nice) and it's bigger than elastics.
Do you have a class II?

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Re: Forsus

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I had Forsus springs for about 1 year of my treatment. I have lingual braces on the top, so IMO they were definitely less noticeable compared to an elastic, since the forsus was anchored to the back of the top arch. Speaking was no different with them, but eating was a little trickier. A lot more food got stuck around the bracket that the forsus is attached to.

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