Implants after extraction !!

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Implants after extraction !!

#1 Post by jenim »

Hello, just found this forum and life has been quite traumatic for the last week since I found out the extractions of premolars (bicuspids) the Orthodontist ordered weren't the best for my child! We're desperate are really need some suggestions!

My daughter is 12 now and at her Orthodontist's suggestion we had her 4 premolars extracted (teeth 05, 12, 21, 28) almost 2 years ago. In hindsight, I wish I had seen all that I'm researching now. Bottomline is her front teeth, both upper and lower have been pushed back with braces, powerchain etc, in which I see pretty much the same complaints as others who went through the extractions. My daughter is already complaining about headaches often in the last 6 months and has a new lisp when she speaks.

Her chin is narrow and protruding, has a non-existent upper lip and droopy cheeks, and seems like a disproportionately big nose because of the small mouth. She's almost a teen and is very concerned about how she looks (an old lady look). Her orthodontist is getting defensive when I asked him about the pushed back lower teeth and is only keen in closing the tiny space that's still left on the upper teeth where her 2 premolars were extracted. The space created by the 2 extractions on the bottom is already closed.

I'd like to go to a "Functional Orthodontist" or specialist who will reverse the removal of premolars and bring her face back to how it should look. I've been searching site after site for a functional orthodontist in New Jersey and am not finding anything where they could reverse it. Could anyone please, please help with suggestions on how to find a good specialist/Orthodontist who will fix this for my daughter in NJ? I'd like to start on this process ASAP and have the whole extraction reversed - by recreating the space for her extracted teeth and have new implants, so she'll gain her looks back and not have any future issues such as TMK or Sleep Apnea.

Also I'd like to know by any chance, are we in a better state that we discovered this issue already (that is 2 years into the procedure) instead of finding this after she turned into an adult? The reason I ask this is, she doesn't have her wisdom teeth yet and may be since she's only 12, her jaw is not fully developed - does this mean that it will be easier to reverse the extractions now as opposed to doing this as an adult?

Please, anyone who has had the extractions reversed with implants, please respond. I've been consumed by guilt as a parent that I trusted the Ortho and her dentist to have her extractions done! : (

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Re: Implants after extraction !!

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Ouch, sorry to hear what your and daughter is going through, it must be hard specially at her age. You said that her wisdom teeth haven't come out. Try asking another Ortho if it's possible to pull the wisdom teeth (not extract them) and align them where the premolars used to be. There's another topic in the forum where someone's Dr. suggested this because their premolars needed to be extracted due to being broken or possibly needed a root canal. Hopefully you can find a good Ortho who can do this and then she wont need implants. In any case, definitely get other professional opinions. Don't blame yourself, all you wanted was for your daughter to have straight teeth and it's not your fault if you believed the Ortho was doing the right thing. Best of luck.

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Re: Implants after extraction !!

#3 Post by arb9399 »

Hello, just wanted to say we are going through the same exact thing with my 14 year old son. After having 2 premolars extracted 2 years ago and now having his braces removed, his facial appearance has changed, his nose now has an elongated appearance and his upper lip covers his teeth when he smiles( you only see the bottoms of his teeth.) We live on Long Island and are curious about any progress in your situation. Were you able to find anybody and if so who and where? We don't care where we have to travel, if it's necessary to get our son's beautiful smile back. We wish we had never used this orthodontist, how could something this drastic and dramatic happen? These orthodontists get their $5k dollars and all they care about is getting the teeth straight without any thought about how it will affect the individual physically. The poor suckers are left in tears trying to figure out how to correct their carelessness. We are going for a consultation on Monday with the oral surgeon who removed the teeth, to find out what course of action is available to us. Could you ( or anyone with any information) please e-mail us with any information you may have found at the following e-mail address:
Thank You So Much!!!

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Re: Implants after extraction !!

#4 Post by Daib »

Orthodontics do not know how to position teeth, they only do extractions and pull them inwards. EVERYONE (eventually) reacts to the treatment with damaged faces, reduced sleeping, and no room for their tongue. IT CAN BE REVERSED, AT ANY AGE. Look for Orthotropic's. They are not allowed to advertise, and they do the opposite to orthodontics, they measure the teeth, they bring them forward and widen the jaws to allow the tongue to fit and function (it shapes the jaws) and open the air way up and allow the jaw joints to function. I had orthodontic treatment, ended up in hospital unable to eat, sleep or walk (and constantly blacking out).

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Re: Implants after extraction !!

#5 Post by Daib »

You should also look under your local dental council for other dentists who practice orthotropics and possibly functional orthodontists

Make sure you get all your diagnosis records like X-rays and molds.
To try and find the original problem that caused the teeth to grow crooked (that the orthodontist tried to hide) and for any possible legal action. (I'm still trying to get legal action for having 4 of my teeth removed, I hope someone can stop such a barbaric practice).

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Re: Implants after extraction !!

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I suggest you see another orthodontist - the claims of ruining faces are simply not true.
More people doing orthotropics are weekend warriors with a couple of days training.

It all gets a bit emotive, but there is no conspiracy... We would grow jaws too if it actually was scientifically proven to work.

Sometimes teeth need to be extracted - jaw size and tooth size are not inherited together.

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Re: Implants after extraction !!

#7 Post by Woohoo068 »

I had teeth extracted and I'm not reversing it as an adult as any sensible person would

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