Is this the place for "dentures" info? couldn't find one :-(

If you are planning to get dental or facial implants as part of your orthodontic treatment (or if you already have implants) you can discuss them on this forum.

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Is this the place for "dentures" info? couldn't find one :-(

#1 Post by ivonne »

Hi I am so sorry if this is not the right place to post my question about "dentures" but I didn't see
any other place in the forum that resembled these type of questions.

This is for my sweet mom.
My mom is not getting dental implants but "dentures"
right now she doesn't have any upper teeth because they had to remove two teeth so they can
get a mold for her new dentures.
The process will be weeks before she gets her Dentures made.

The dentist had given her some "temporary" dentures but she said they were huge and made her look
really horrible so much that she decided to not wear them at all.

Now she looks like a very old woman and very wrinkle... her face, mouth and the skin came down because of no upper teeth
making her look very wrinkle and old and I think she's depressed.
On top of that her co-workers which are all women over 50 are making fun of her at work

I want to help her
but I don't know how... I don't trust her dentist at all.. and I am afraid the dentist who is planning on doing my mom's dentures
will just make some some that are ugly and not really give me many options.
My questions are:

1- What type of dentures are there (are there many types?)
2- Which ones look more natural and beautiful

3- Do dentures help shape a face ( as to making someone look normal back again of course or even better or worse! if they are not done right?)

4- How do I know my mom's dentist is doing the proper and giving my mom all her options?
(I don't trust this dentist as she once tried to charge me more than what she was telling the insurance!) but my mom
doesn't speak English so she has stayed with this dentist because she can talk to her in her native language.

Thank you in advance for your response

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Re: Is this the place for "dentures" info? couldn't find one

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I'm afraid I really can't answer your question. I think you'll find most of us on this forum are getting implants to replace one or a few missing teeth; we are not in need of dentures.

The other sections of this site relate to jaw surgery where the jaws are shortened or lengthened as needed, and to various types of braces for straightening of existing, natural teeth. I think you might be on the wrong online forum.

I'm sorry for your mother's situation and wish I could help. I do hope you find answers.

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Re: Is this the place for "dentures" info? couldn't find one

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Your mother needs to see a prosthodontist, not just a regular dentist. She needs to see someone who specializes in making dentures. They are not cheap. My mother and my mother-in-law both wear dentures. They do take a few weeks to have made, because they are made by an outside laboratory.

I see from your IP address that you are in the SF Bay Area. So am I. My mother-in-law got her dentures made by Dr. Beck in San Mateo. Here is the info:

He is really nice and did a good job for her.
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