forsus appliance

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forsus appliance

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at my next orthodontic appointment they will give me a forsus spring appliance. Does anyone do have a forsus appliance and can tell me how the forsus will be in the mouth. Speaking and eating will be a problem? I am already an older adult and do have a overbite of 8 mm.
Hope to get a few replies.

Do I expect any problems? Alternativ they did offer me the twin force bite appliance. What is better?

Tom :)

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Re: forsus appliance

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I am sorry :( this reply is a bit late you maybe in your forsus springs already I've had them in my treatment and it was the best by fare that work for me yes they hurt yes talking was a bit hard eating was hell just like getting braces the first couple of days but after a couple of days I forgot they were there I got my spring because elastics just weren't working and I saw wonderful movement in just a month with them it even shorten my treatment time I got my braces off 5 months early if you have any question I will do my best to answers them.


I had my braces on for 3 years 4 months and 24 days that would be a grand total of 1220 days

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