What to expect when you're expecting.. an implant?

If you are planning to get dental or facial implants as part of your orthodontic treatment (or if you already have implants) you can discuss them on this forum.

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What to expect when you're expecting.. an implant?

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So, I've had my braces on since Sept. of last year - I need an implant on tooth #10 I believe.. due to the fact that when I lost my baby tooth, it just never grew in.. there was never anything there. I was under the impression that implants had to come after treatment is completely over. I was kind of worried at first when my orthodontist told me she wanted me to see the periodontist soon to talk about getting it in, but I see that it's something that does happen.. guess I'll just trust their judgement.

Anyway, I was scheduled as of last week to get it done in August because that was the soonest opening, but an opening just came up for THIS Thursday! So I took it, and I'm getting the first part done.. the screw or whatever. I'm not worried about the pain, healing or anything else.. my main concern is how it'll be covered up. I'm going on a trip next month back home for a few weeks to visit friends and canNOT bear to have a gap in that spot.. at least while I'm there. I could care less what I look like here. Right now I have a pontic(?) that they just attach to a wire and kind of mold it underneath my teeth next to it to hold it in place, because I told them when enough space opened up I didn't want a gap there.. what do they use when they put the first part of the implant in? Will it be a pontic as well? And will it stay on as well with the screw in your gum? I don't know exactly how an implant works.. I envision that the screw part kind of pokes through the gum a little bit, not something that they put in completely underneath & covered by your gums, but I'd like to know what to expect. This is coming so soon, so any advice would be great & helpful! Thanks in advance :)

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Re: What to expect when you're expecting.. an implant?

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Not many people on the site have gotten implants, so questions aren't usually answered quickly. I'm guessing you already got it? Did you get the gas? I did, and it made the whole thing much easier. I never had much pain at all, not even while healing. And I'm sure you know by now that the screw does not poke through. Actually part of the process is when they expose the implant by cutting away the gum. I have an Essix retainer now, with the two fake canines, and I don't like the look at all, even though no one ever notices it. Can't wait for my crowns, which I get in a couple weeks.
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Re: What to expect when you're expecting.. an implant?

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Like you I just have my braces done. And I agree that it took time before I got used to it. I have suffered from eating difficulty related to this. But in-exchange it makes my teeth beautiful and solved my teeth alignment problem. Although painful there are good and desirable things that comes together upon acquiring one.

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