To get implants with bone grafts or not?

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To get implants with bone grafts or not?

#1 Post by gapsbegone »

Hi guys,

I'm 32 and missing my lower front teeth and upper canines (well laterals actually but the canines came in where they should have been so now it's the canines I need to replace) due to crappy genetics. I still have the baby teeth for now but they're going to have to come out soon & I'm not sure what to replace them with. For the uppers I'd say implants are the best option, but to have implants for the lowers I'd need bone grafts, the thought of which scares me stupid. Alternatives being bridges & pallates, neither of which are really satisfactory either.

Has anyone had this done? How bad is it? I really don't like anything invasive like this but I want the best solution in the end.

Also I play wind instruments too so I need something which won't screw that up!


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Re: To get implants with bone grafts or not?

#2 Post by JEK »

I had bone grafts for my two back lower implants.
It was no big deal it helped the abutments have a good solid base.
In fact the bone grafts took so well they had to shave bone down during the final restoration phase.
I trusted the advice of my doctor as I never want to go through this again.

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Re: To get implants with bone grafts or not?

#3 Post by FixMyTeeth »

How many teeth are you missing on the bottom? Bone grafts are not as scary as they sound, it's extremely routine for any dentist doing implants. Any time you are implanting into an area where the bone wasn't preserved at the time of extraction it will probably need a graft. If you can afford implants, you will almost certainly be happier than you would with any other restoration.

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