It's been 7 years of crappy service

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It's been 7 years of crappy service

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i jst visited my dentist yesterday and she gave me a sort of mouth piece, she calls a "slider". the funny thing about it is that her reasons for letting me wear it differs every time i ask her about it. at first she says its for the 4 of my front teeth to stay together and not separate when the wire will be put. but she doesnt and havent placed the wire on the brackets for 2 years now. then she says that its for the two of my lower teeth to "slide" since it has become crooked. when i asked her, why not put the wire instead. she then told me that "slider" is for the two of my lower teeth to be pushed down since its higher than most.
its been 7 years now and i've really been frustrated about this. i had my braces put on because my upper teeth is forward. my lower teeth was straight. but then she placed some wires and other appliances that it became crooked instead. two ones in the center has been pushed back. making it look taller than most lower teeth. it looks bad.
she ddnt even bothr to work on pushing back my upper teeth saying that its okay. she placed brackets on but she doesnt place any wire. it really frustrates m because that was the reason i had braces put on the first place. she even removed 4 of my molars to make "space" but she never used it.
she gives me reasons that seems stupid and irrational. i guess i just want to ask if there's such a thing as a "slider" or is she making it all up. and if the lower teeth gets crooked/pushed back does it seem taller compare to the straight ones? and what do efficient dentist usually do if the upper teeth is forward?
well, i hope this was clearly explained.

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Re: It's been 7 years of crappy service

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See a real orthodontist, your dentist may be well intentioned but is in well over her head, and you are the one who stands to live with the consequences.

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Re: It's been 7 years of crappy service

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Dig in to see if it is worth it to change service providers.

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