December Braces Poll

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Have Any of Your Brackets Ever Popped Off?

Poll ended at Thu Jan 01, 2009 10:29 pm

1 or 2 brackets have popped off per year
3 to 5 brackets have popped off per year
6 to 10 brackets have popped of per year
No votes
More than 10 brackets have popped off per year
None of my brackets have ever popped off!
Total votes: 57

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December Braces Poll

#1 Post by bbsadmin »

Here is the last question of 2008. After this, I am thinking of discontinuing the Braces Poll. I've been asking poll questions for 6 years and truthfully, I have totally run out of fresh questions!

Anyway, it's pretty common for brackets to pop off, although some people have a worse time with it than others. Have you ever had a bracket pop off?
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#2 Post by Lisa65 »

I've had 2 come off in 2 1/2 years. One came off on its own and the other snapped off when my ortho was trying to get the wire in. I don't count that one because it was his fault :lol:

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#3 Post by Wobblydeb »

I'm using Invisalign and had 2 attachments pop off in the first week. They were put back on and *touch wood* no more have come off in the 3 months since then :)
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#4 Post by iBorg »

When I had ceramics they popped off about once every two weeks. I actually made it six weeks at one point. Since I switched to all metal over a year ago, I have had absolutely none pop off.

As for dropping the poll question, it might be good to rerun the early ones and compare the responses. This should be a new group of participants and comparing the answers could lead to some interesting conclusions.

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#5 Post by John37 »

I use Invisalign, but 2 of my attachments came off last year.

Maybe other people can make suggestions for polls in the future somehow.

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#6 Post by LithpingLitha »

My brackets popped off while in the ortho chair. :lol:
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#7 Post by PiscesFish1969 »

Nope, but I still have a long way to go!
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#8 Post by Thathrill »

I laughed when I read this poll question. During my first year, I believe I counted 12 brackets. I have even lost brackets in my sleep. Weird waking up and having a bracket sitting on your tongue. Im just happy that I didn't chock on it in my sleep.
LithpingLitha wrote:My brackets popped off while in the ortho chair. :lol:
I had this happen a couple times. LOL Good news is I haven't popped a bracket in about 5 months
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#9 Post by braceface418 »

I just had my first three pop off over the past week. At this rate, I'll far exceed the 10 to 12 annually. I'm sure it's probably just a bad run, though, as they all stayed on without problem for nearly three months.

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#10 Post by Julesnia »

None of mine have ever popped off... which is a good thing considering that I just got my braces on today. :roll:

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#11 Post by Arbywhopper »

I haven't had any pop off. *knock on wood* although i wish some of them would because they are rubbing on my gums. :(
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#12 Post by alex »

I've never had any come off and it should stay that way as I'm hopefully getting them off in a little over a month!


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#13 Post by blindboarder2008 »

I've had one bracet pop off right before my ortho apt actually a few hours before my apt. Its like it just kinda fell off, i don't even remember eating anything that would cause it to pop off, just kind of a fluky thing i guess.

Perhaps doing or revisiting earlier poll questions would be great as I'm sure there are many new members here now so it be kinda neat to be able to compare answers and such.
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#14 Post by Zameera »

None so far. I have only had them for 9 months. 15 more months to go! :D

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#15 Post by GiovanntiLawing »

Since I've had braces, only 1 or 2 popped off by themselves. However, I've popped off 2 by accident.

1 popped off while eating fried chicken. I know, I know. It was on the No NO list.
1 popped off while eating a salad. I was actually shocked that it popped off because I had braces on for a while and had no problems eating salads.
1 popped off while biting my finger nails. I couldnt find my nail clippers, and the hangnail was killing me!

Other than that, they rarely pop off....
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