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Did you need to get any teeth extracted during your treatment?

Poll ended at Tue Oct 07, 2008 6:12 pm

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#16 Post by jpiper001 »

i voted no, but i had my wisdom teeth pulled when i was 22. and, hi! i'm jessica, i am new here, and my teeth hurt.=) got the gear on friday, and i am so, so glad i am not the oldest person on the planet with braces! i was sitting next to a sweet 14 year old kid at the dentist, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and asked me, "do they hurt?"
i told him no. i hope he forgives me for lying to him=P

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#17 Post by Beckster »

I had several baby teeth pulled as a kid, between the ages of 7-11. The last 2 that I had pulled were done about 2 months after I had gotten braces on(for the first time which was from when I was 11-13)
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#18 Post by hachi08 »

I had all my wisdom teeth pulled out (they were giving me a lot of discomfort :? ) and then two weeks later all my first premolars were extracted. I have a really small jaw and super crowded teeth, so if they were straightened without any extraction then my lips would protrude all funny :roll:

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#19 Post by Nancy51 »

Never had extractions; even have all my wisdom teeth. My ortho mentioned that 2% of adults still have all 4 wisdom teeth. I was surprised to hear that.

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#20 Post by johannamar19 »

I had 4 teeth extracted, two premolars on the top and 2 molars on the bottom..little painful but im glad I did it.. now there is space to move my other teeth :D


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#21 Post by John37 »

I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed just before starting Invisalign to make extra room. They said I should get them out because they could also trap bacteria and cause the second molars to decay. So that added to the Invisalign plan made me get them out. It seems to have been a good plan so far.

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#22 Post by Gin697 »

No. They said they would most likely have to extract a tooth, but they never did. They also said I would be in braces for 2-2.5 years. I have had them for 14 months and they said I'm in the home stretch so hopefully not much longer. Yea! :D

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#23 Post by Toni »

I'm having 2 teeth pulled but not because I'm getting braces. Rather the braces are the answer to the problem of the missing teeth. Well that and a bunch of other problems. :)

I had my wisdon teeth pulled years ago when they were impacted so I don't have that worry now.
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#24 Post by FuzzyPants »

I answered no. I had a choice between extractions or jaw surgery to correct the class II bite, and chose surgery based on the recommendation of the orthodontist.

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#25 Post by MelSea »

I had teeth pulled as a kid so didn't need any more this time round.

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#26 Post by SharMarali »

I haven't actually had the extractions done yet, but the appointment is set for next week. My brackets are in place already, but I don't get wires until the extractions are done. I asked my orthodontist why he doesn't do extractions first like most practices do, and he said it's because he's found that most patients experience a lot of discomfort during the placement of the brackets if they have fresh extraction sites, so he finds it better to have them only go through the pain of the extraction once. Works for me. This way I get a couple of weeks to get used to the brackets BEFORE having the wires pushing my teeth around and making me feel like I got punched in the face.

Also I chose NOT to get more opinions about the extractions, solely because even I, someone with zero expertise or training, can take one look in the mirror and say "Holy too many teeth for that mouth, Batman!" I was actually just happy that he didn't recommend surgery!

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#27 Post by AspiringMD »

I had 4 wisdom teeth, and 4 second bicuspids extracted.

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#28 Post by browneyedgrl »

I had no extractions either time. I did have my wisdom teeth removed six years after I had my braces removed the first time, which was 20 years ago.

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#29 Post by ladybug0330 »

I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted then 2 upper bicuspids removed just before braces.

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#30 Post by lyffe »

Yup I got 2 baby teeth pulled...those buggers just wouldn't come out voluntarily so they were taken by force!