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Did you need to get any teeth extracted during your treatment?

Poll ended at Tue Oct 07, 2008 6:12 pm

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September Braces Poll

#1 Post by bbsadmin »

Did you need to get any teeth extracted during your treatment? Fewer orthodontists are extracting teeth these days. Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to extract to achieve the desired results.

I always caution readers: if your orthodontist recommends extractions, get 2 or 3 additional opinions before proceeding. This is especially true for children and teenagers whose jaws are still growing.

I wound up having 4 second bicupids extracted in my treatment. I had gone to a dozen different orthodontists over the course of 10 years who all said that I would need extractions because of the amount of crowding in my mouth. The orthodontist who finally did my treatment said he would try to make it work without extractions. Well, it wasn't possible. Six months into treatment my lower gums began to recede -- a sign that there was too much stress due to the crowding. I did get the 4 teeth extracted. I was worried about the results, but it all turned out OK!
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#2 Post by CactusZAF »

No, although I was expecting to need some teeth extracted to make space to correct the crowding I had/have, when I saw my current ortho he said it was not necessary to extract. I was (and still am) naturally over the moon about this, and I think it was one of the things that convinced me I had nothing to lose by finally getting my terrible bite and crowded teeth sorted.

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#3 Post by jenny101101 »

No, I didn't have any teeth extracted for my orthodontic treatment. I did have all 4 wisdom teeth removed about 6 years ago though, and that was no fun so I'm glad I didn't need any teeth removed to get braces :D .
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#4 Post by mygrill »

No extractions for me. I actually have just a tiny bit of crowding on my uppers that only affected my left lateral incisor. On my bottoms I am missing 3 teeth (bicuspids and a premolar). I am actually going to have to get implants when the treatment is done.

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#5 Post by mygrill »

No extractions for me. I actually have just a tiny bit of crowding on my uppers that only affected my left lateral incisor. On my bottoms I am missing 3 teeth (bicuspids and a premolar). I am actually going to have to get implants when the treatment is done.

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#6 Post by Lisa65 »

Not this time. I'd already had extractions as a teenager.

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#7 Post by over55 »

I had 4 teeth extracted 10 days before I had my braces put on. There was one tooth that started the whole brace process rolling. I cracked one of my teeth and had to see one of my dentist's partners. He told me there is so much crowding in my mouth that more teeth would start to crack with the way my bite is. He asked me if I would consider orthodontics at this point. He said I would be much happier going that way than breaking more teeth with more root canals and crowns. Went to the Orthodontist and Periodontist to get everything checked out and okayed. The Ortho did tell me I needed to have 4 teeth pulled out due to crowding and usually the teeth that is pulled is NOT the one I broke but he can work with it. Feel like a little kid with the gaps, but no one can see it. I figure when I can't put my tongue inbetween the gaps, my teeth are really moving! :wink:

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#8 Post by Katarina527 »

Thank goodness, no extractions this time or the first time when I was a teenager. I have a bit of crowding on the lowers, but since I had braces the first time I had my four wisdom teeth taken out.


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#9 Post by Lily »

I had 8 extractions, 4 wisdoms and 4 second pre molars.

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#10 Post by fluffybottom »

I answered 'no' in the poll because I figured it meant extraction of adult teeth -- I had a baby tooth pulled because the adult canine was impacted and had never come down. It was exposed, buttoned and chained; hopefully it will move into place!
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#11 Post by catfish »

I haven't voted in this poll because my answer is "maybe". At first, my ortho thought I'd need to lose a lower incisor. But as my treatment has progressed, he says I might not need to lose that tooth after all. I have to wait and see...
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#12 Post by amd »

I had my 4 wisdom teeth out when I was 16 years old.
No extractions for the braces. (I'm 44 years old now)
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#13 Post by LongInTheT »

I voted no, but I had 2 upper premolars out when I had braces as a teenager.

My ortho said there is plenty of room to move teeth around because I'd lost other teeth. I only ever had 3 wisdom teeth and had 1 out a few yrs ago (apparently to save the lower impacted wt from infections) and the other 2 a year before getting braces (one the impacted tooth which I think my old retired dentist sld have taken out yrs ago..). My periodontist also said I needed two back lower molars out (ones next to wisdom teeth, think they're called number 7s?) so I really do have plenty of room! The upside is that the only gaps I have are 'cause my teeth need aligning!
Having teeth out isn't necessarily very horrible, in my experience, although a bit scary and somehow sad. My dentist is very good and took out the impacted wisdom tooth with local anaesthesia with just a massive yank and a bit of jaw shake. I only had to take one pain killer, although I couldn't open my mouth fully for a couple of weeks, but I was so glad to get rid of it that tooth!!

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#14 Post by blindboarder2008 »

i had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted in late June. 2 out of the 4 of them were impacted. The surgery itself went well, and the recovery went okay although i managed to get a bit of an infection on my left side, but the antibiotics I was on and mouthwash from my dental surgeon, cleared up the infection just fine.
It really wasn't that painful, the first day was the worst for pain but then it got better from that. I had no swelling on my right side, however my swelling did peak alot on my left side on the 3rd day.

if anyone has questions about wisdom teeth surgery feel free to pm me and I'll tr to answer your questions, or head on other to the orthoganathich board here on the forum!!
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#15 Post by skintz »

I had four wisdom teeth taken out (under general anaesthetic)-not erupted yet, and two other teeth from my lower jaw to make room.