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How long after an adjustment do you feel pain?

My adjustments generally don't hurt
1 to 3 days of pain
3 to 5 days of pain
5 to 7 days of pain
More than one week of pain
More than two weeks of pain
No votes
My teeth don't stop hurting the entire month!
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Total votes: 104

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#16 Post by kutiek »

Fortunately, I had pain only after one adjustment and Advil knocked it out quickly. I have been pleasantly surprised after all the horror stories I heard before getting braces.
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#17 Post by victor36 »

When I had braces, the adjustments typically lasted only a couple of days. But, the strange part was that about 3 weeks after each adjustment (and it usually landed exactly on the 3 week anniversary) my teeth would get sore again, then the pain would subside. Weird.
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#18 Post by MamaRoo »

I have not had any pain until my last adjustment on July 17th. The Ortho put on an overlay wire, and OMGosh was the pain horrible. I felt like my teeth were going to crack right off.

It has been almost a week and I barely notice the pain anymore unless i bite into something that is a little to hard.

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#19 Post by Wired Skull »

Just on a few occasions I have felt minor pain. After an adjustment I feel discomfort for 1-3 days which sometimes involve some pain when biting down hard or pushing on my teeth. Mostly just on a few teeth. I never experinced pain or discomfort on a lot of teeth. Not even the first days of braces.

Maybe I'm lucky but I never experinced what all horror stories told to me what I would expect.

I've read advices on this forum about taking pain medications before going to the ortho. In my opinion that is really silly and seem like a very bad way to prevent pain. Pain is a good sign telling you that the body works. (At least a little amount of pain) :D

Going to the ortho in a few hours. Who knows what I might expect. See you all later.
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#20 Post by barriocheecka »

It's 3 to 4 days of pain for me. Yesterday I had my first readjustment and from the get go I could REALLY FEEL THE PRESSURE! :x :x :x

It actually hurt more than when I first got them. My ortho decided to tighten them a bit more this time around. I wanted to run to the hills screaming. I would compare it to eating something spicy, your nose runs involuntarily and your whole mouth is on fire, and you drink milk and eat something sweet but you still have to WAIT for it to go away on its own. The sensitivity is bothersome and makes it hard to fall asleep or concentrate on whatever I'm doing.
Luckily popping one or two painkillers makes it all better for me. :D

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#21 Post by agd2005 »

It usually only hurts when Im flossing for the first few days after an adjustment.. is that strange?

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#22 Post by dojo »

The first days of wearing Damon were pretty intense as pain is concerned. Afterwards any adjustment would mean 1-2 days of discomfort (not pain per se). Now I have Invisalign and it's just minutes of few hours after putting a new aligner.
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