July Braces Poll

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How long after an adjustment do you feel pain?

My adjustments generally don't hurt
1 to 3 days of pain
3 to 5 days of pain
5 to 7 days of pain
More than one week of pain
More than two weeks of pain
No votes
My teeth don't stop hurting the entire month!
No votes
Total votes: 104

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July Braces Poll

#1 Post by bbsadmin »

Everyone has a different pain threshold, and everyone experiences the pain of bracess slightly differently. Some people always feel pain after an adjustment, and others don't. How about you?

For me, it varied by appointment. Some months my teeth would be sore for a few days. Other months, it would barely hurt at all. Of course, if my orthodontist put on a new wire or elastics, I could anticipate that I'd be in pain for a while until my teeth got used to it!
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Karan's Mum
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#2 Post by Karan's Mum »

Well, I generally have sore teeth after my adjustments. Whenever I get new archwire installed, I'd get like 3 to 4 days pain and canker sores (maybe it's because of the new wire threads around my teeth). But it doesn't really bother.. I eat normally although I wont be able to chew properly :D

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#3 Post by CactusZAF »

Well, although I did vote 1-3 days, I wouldn't really call it "pain". For me I find it to be more of a discomfort for a few days. :wink:

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#4 Post by callmeswtmisery »

Hello All,

I voted 1-3 days of pain. For some reason I don't get pain until maybe a week after my adjustment.

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#5 Post by iBorg »

I've only had a couple of times when I've had pain. One was the day after the tops were first put on and I was starting. My last adjustment, yesterday has been the most painful one. I've had a few irritations but very few adjustments that could have been considered painful.

I guess I've been lucky.

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#6 Post by purpleteeth »

Depending on what is done, the pain doesn't last more than about 3 days before I am back to a fairly normal diet. When they were using springs to create space, it would hurt on and off for a while longer...

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#7 Post by Miranbrady20 »

i dont even know what it feels like yet but its nice to see what the average is!... and im not even sure how often i would have to go in for adjustments with damon braces???

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#8 Post by acd »

Pain is a strong word for what I've felt; discomfort would be more accurate. The day of and the day after I feel it but then it is back to normal (if there is such a thing as normal with braces). The only times I've felt actual pain was when my lower brackets were first installed and when the wire slides out of the back of my molar bands.

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#9 Post by snowy0024 »

It will be 7 days until my braces go on so I'm hoping any pain from adjustments will be managable. Although, I have to say that my spacers have been in for 7 days now and today is the first day I can bite down completely on my molars. They have been driving me NUTS!! My teeth don't feel aligned like they used to already.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to handle any pain that comes from getting my braces next week.
Wish me luck. :wink: :wink:
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#10 Post by blindboarder2008 »

for me i'd have to say between 1 and 3 days. The first day after an adjusments is always the worst then the pain seems to improve within the next few days and i'm eating pretty much back to normal (or as normal as i can!). I don't really think its pain per say, it feels almost like pressure and discomfort
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#11 Post by Nancy51 »

Since I was braced just over a year ago, I've felt surprised once or twice at the tightness of a new wire. For some minutes I expected to feel pain, but then the tight feeling seemed to vanish. I would guess that my daily aspirin regimen (81 mg) would be a factor, by "preempting" the pain.

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#12 Post by nimo »

I've found that my teeth don't hurt as much after adjustments as they used to. But the past few months have been kind of different because of my surgery. The adjustments leading up to it were mostly just a lig change, so there wasn't much pain afterwards. And now they're just kind of fine-tuning things and making sure nothing's moved where it shouldn't. In the beginning there were days where I couldn't eat oatmeal because it was too hard, or I'd wake up in pain because the side of my face was laying on my pillow. There's a lot less pain now that all the major shifting is done.
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#13 Post by chef »

Not so much pain as sensitivity.

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#14 Post by RainAndTangerines »

I generally don't get any pain. And if I do feel a little sore, it's nothing pain killers won't get rid of within a couple of hours. Usually the next day I don't feel a thing, thank goodness!

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#15 Post by jenny101101 »

I've only had one adjustment since getting my braces on and I didn't really have any pain afterwards. I was hoping for some discomfort because then I know somethings happening. :?
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