June Braces Poll

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Why did you decide to get braces?

Poll ended at Thu Jul 03, 2008 12:11 pm

To make my teeth look better (cosmetic, aesthetic reason)
To improve my jaw function or prevent a problem (functional reason)
A combination of the two above (both cosmetic and functional)
Other reason not mentioned
No votes
Total votes: 122

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#16 Post by 2nd go Jo »

I'm another one for the mainly cosmetic reasons, although it will be a lot easier to keep my teeth clean once they're straight. I can hardly get floss between my bottom teeth and then it gets stuck or cuts my gum.

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#17 Post by kaycee »

Initially it was purely cosmetic. When I was a kid, your dentist had to refer you to an orthodontist, you couldn't just call up and make an appointment like you can now. So it was never brought up, and I think also that my dentist knew my parents couldn't afford it. Later, in my mid-twenties, the same dentist admitted that he wished he had referred me to an orthodontist when I was younger.

This had always been in the back of my mind through the next twenty years. Two years ago at an ortho appt for one of my daughters, I mentioned that I had been thinking about braces. Well, before I knew it, I had an appointment for a consultation within a few weeks. Little did I know that the orthodontist would point out how surgery could correct my overbite, gummy smile and recessed chin. I guess I had no idea those things could be corrected. Most of the women in my family have the same jaw problems so I thought it was just something we all had, period, the end. And now I am having upper and lower jaw surgery in less than a month! Yikes!



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#18 Post by Daisy »

I am getting "braced" Thursday. Due to my deep bite (the ortho called it a "significantly excessive vertical overlap"). (I said overbite in my last post but I just reread the letter she sent.) Anyway, this problem has caused my to chip one of my teeth and this prompted me to see the orthodontist after the dentist said the problem would only worsen. :cry:

This site is very encouraging and I love the idea of taking polls to see what everyone else's motivations and opinons are.

Good luck to everyone! :D

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June Braces Poll

#19 Post by jkl2 »

Functional reasons. I clench/grind in my sleep (as well as during the day when I'm not paying attention) and have worn a night guard for 20+ years. My first night guard had to be replaced after I bit the thing in half after 10 years, my latest one is completely chewed... teeth marks all over it even though it is hard acrylic. I often wake up with my mouth sore, due to all the overnight clenching. When I go for dental cleanings, I can't even hold my mouth open due to TMJ pain.

My dentist finally told me that my clenching and grinding would cause jawbone deterioration (osteoporosis of the jaw?) as well as gum recession. I visited an orthodontist who said that even though my teeth were straightened 30 years ago as a child, they've gotten out of alignment, molars don't meet, front teeth are pushed out into a gigantic overbite, and bottom row is crowded together. He hopes that re-aligning everything will address the clenching issues.

In general the roots are all lined up correctly due to the childhood braces (which included extraction of 8 permanent teeth) so the doc estimates only 18 months of treatment necessary. The braces were put on: May 13, 2008 and I'm still figuring out how to keep stuff from being stuck everywhere after I eat!

I love the colored ligatures. Blue ones now, thinking of teal or purple at my June 19 first-adjustment. I have all metal, both top and bottom row. I wasn't willing to shell out another $400 for the "invisible" brackets.

Glad to have found this website, I hope to get some good information from the rest of you during the next year and a half.

- Jennifer

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#20 Post by loulou123 »

Function reasons for me too. Orginally i had overjet, openbite and my alignment was very off causing grinding, clenching, cavities, absesses etc etc.

The cosmetic results are a huge benefit tho and im certininly happy with those as well.

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#21 Post by lilypea »

I'd gotten used to my crooked teeth and smiling in a manner that would not give away my secret. But after different dentists all recommended that I get braces to prevent gingivitis and other problems in the future (my teeth are so crowded that I can't floss properly), I started to consider it more seriously. I love food, and the thought of having problems with my teeth/gums that could prevent me from enjoying it in the future made me re-think orthodontics.

Now, however, in addition to not having as much to worry about in terms of the health of my teeth, I'm extremely exciting about the cosmetic benefits as well!

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cosmetic and functional

#22 Post by nellen »

I got mine for functional and cosmetic reasons. My teeth looked fine, but my jaw is crooked, so I'll be having surgery to fix that and a cross bite.

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#23 Post by seaweede »

Both cosmetic and (hopefully) medical. (TMJ/Headaches)

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#24 Post by Bracefacegal »

Got my braces for bite issues. :)
It's never too late to fix your smile! :)

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#25 Post by jeichblatt »

I got braces 2 weeks ago - for the second time around. I'm 54 now, and will end up with jaw surgery as well. It's not fun, and I'm miserable so far, but has to be done so I don't end up with a full mouth of dentures when i'm 60. :roll:

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#26 Post by eh to zed »

Cosmetic reasons...
(Crowding, overbite)

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#27 Post by John37 »

I initially looked into it for cosmetic reasons. That's what got me in to ask. I had a crossbite and gum problems also, so that also was a consideration. I didn't have any jaw problems from not having a good bite though.

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#28 Post by bbandef »

My decision to get braces at age 50 was primarily for cosmetic reasons altho cleaning my teeth was difficult because of the crookedness.

It wasn't an easy decision as this is my second time with braces as an adult. The first time I was 32 when they came off. Got married, had a baby, and stopped wearing the retainers. My bottom teeth shifted right back within a year. My top teeth started to overlap again 2 years ago.

I've had them on since 12/0/07 and my ortho anticipates 18 months to fix my teeth. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for less. After they come off, next step is to replace 40 year old silver fillings. :-}

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#29 Post by Feilon »

I got invisalign purely for cosmetic reasons. I wanted braces from about age 12 on, I loved the idea of the different colors, retainers, and finally having straight teeth. Unfortunately the dentist told my mom my teeth were straight and it would only be cosmetic. He refused to refer me to an ortho and my mom listened to him instead of me.

Now I'm a 22 year old struggling actress who still hates her smile. I prolly would've gotten traditional braces if it weren't for Ugly Betty being stuffed in my face. It's not acceptable in Hollywood to have normal braces at my age so I chose to conform.

Luckily I found an awsome dentist who lets me pay very little at a time and I'm excited about finally starting treatment...and still being able to eat corn on the cob :P

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#30 Post by catfish »

I made the decision for purely functional reasons. Now that I'm nearly halfway into my treatment, I'm seeing the cosmetic benefits and loving it! But at the time, that did not factor into my decision.

I didn't think my teeth looked bad before. But then my dentist and periodontist started telling me to get them for periodontal disease. They said fixing the crowded lower incisors may help me keep them for longer. I did not want braces!!! I delayed and delayed, and they kept nudging me. I finally did it, but I went into it with great doubt and angst. In fact, I waited for a year after my ortho consult before I took the plunge!
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