June Braces Poll

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Why did you decide to get braces?

Poll ended at Thu Jul 03, 2008 12:11 pm

To make my teeth look better (cosmetic, aesthetic reason)
To improve my jaw function or prevent a problem (functional reason)
A combination of the two above (both cosmetic and functional)
Other reason not mentioned
No votes
Total votes: 122

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#31 Post by Lindzz »

My reason to get braces with a mixture of two things. First, I wanted my teeth to look better and be healthier. Second, I'm only 20 and still under my mom's insurance, so if I did them now she will pay for all of it.

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#32 Post by Thathrill »

i was told that I either get braces or lose most your teeth by 40.....lol
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June braces poll

#33 Post by snowy0024 »

:D First of all..Hi, this is my first official post as a member on archwired. I will be getting my braces on July 9th (atleast I'll be able to eat some good food on the 4th). When I tell friends I'm getting braces they say "why, your teeth are perfectly strait?" What they don't know that due to my first molars (2 top &2 bottom) being removed when I was very very young, my wisdom teeth came in and tried to close the gap. The holes that didn't close on the bottom caused the two molars behind them to start tilting forward. My dentist said the roots of my wisdom teeth will soon be exposed if I don't get them strait. So there you have it...Purely functional for me.
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#34 Post by jennbunn »

I got my braces to improve my jaw function, but must admit that the cosmetic reasons are a wonderful "side effect". I just got my Damon's installed today. So far, so good. I have no pain and little discomfort. I would guess that will come in a few days. I feel a little ugly and a little nerdy, but am sure that will pass in time.

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#35 Post by Devushka »

Purely aesthetic reasons. I couldn't stand being gap-toothed any longer so decided to go through orthodontia to achieve one of my dreams.

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#36 Post by jennicakes »

i'm a little late posting a reply but def aesthetic for me. i had a gap between my two front teeth and my right canine was rotated badly. I also had crowding on the bottoms, and many of my top teeth did not cover my bottoms when i smiled

also functional because my twisted canine hit a tooth that was underneath it causing wear on both teeth because my midline is pretty off.

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#37 Post by Wired Skull »

I too wanted them for cosmetic reasosn. Living in Sweden and being in my late 30's I never got them as a kid as it then was considered only for bad cases.

While my ortho evaluated me he found out that I had a scissor bite so it turned out to be a cosmetic/functional brace adventure. He proved that I should have had braces back in the 80's :-)

After 18 months my overbite, deepbite and scissor bite has improved a lot. I'm sure it would have been even better if I have had the braces when I was a kid. On the other hand I'm pretty sure I have turned the offer down anyway being a stupid kid.

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