April Braces Poll

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Have you had any strange dreams or nightmares about your teeth since you got your braces?

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I'm not sure
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April Braces Poll

#1 Post by bbsadmin »

This month's poll deals with dreams -- have you dreamed about your teeth falling out or suddenly having too many teeth?

When I was in braces I once dreamed that my brackets came loose, and my teeth all came out with them while I was driving in my car! My braces and teeth fell under the seat and I couldn't get to them! My first thought was "Oh no, I have to call my orthodontist!" :shock:

It's fairly common to dream about your teeth when you have braces, because it becomes such a big part of your life. If you've had a weird dream, share it with us!
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#2 Post by ilovemacs »

Mine was just that all my brackets fell off. That didn't happen! So far that's it! :D

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#3 Post by tazzle »

even before I was braced I had bad dreams about my teeth falling out :roll: :roll: :roll:

last week I had one where I dreamt that all of a sudden the wires had pulled my two front teeth to a horizontal overjet :shock: :shock: :shock: ( they are currently inclined and a deep bite covering my bottom teeth ... not in overjet)

there was more but the rest has faded :?

would yours count as humour I wonder :wink: .. well it made me smile ( am I wicked 8) )



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#4 Post by SnowSara »

I hate those dreams! I've had them over the years, but did indeed have a few after getting braces. I read somewhere that dreaming of your teeth falling out means you're worried about how others perceive you. If that's true it certainly does tie in with getting braced!

For me it's always as if my teeth are crumbling to bits into my hand, and I'm more annoyed in the dream than I am worried, it's very strange!

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#5 Post by lilfoot1112 »

Just a week ago I had a dream that all my bracket pop off and my over bite came back and the space between my font tooth were back and the whole time I was watching this the mirror thank goodness I woke up :D

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#6 Post by ladybug0330 »

I also used to have dreams about my teeth falling out, I haven't had one since getting braced though. A couple days into braces I dreamt that I broke a bracket but that's it so far. :)

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#7 Post by kittymeow84 »

I've only once had a dream about my braces and that was before I got them on.

I was so excited about them that I dreamt I had them on already. But they were on both rows and right now I've only got the top ones on.

Almost two months in braces now and I haven't had a single dream about them.
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#8 Post by jenny101101 »

I've only had my braces for 1.5 months and already have had 3 that I can remember:

1. My archwire broke in the middle and my teeth just started falling out(all still attached to each other by the brackets and wires).

2. I got sick of not being able to brush my teeth properly so I just took them off(not sure HOW!).

3. My husband didn't like them so HE took them off while I was sleeping(Hmmm...this was definitely the most "disturbing" one).

Funny how our brain works :oops: .
Keep smilin'! :)

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#9 Post by Lisa65 »

I've had a few.

In one, my ortho said he needed to extract some molars and started doing it there and then without any anaesthetic :shock: and I had another one just last week where one of my premolars fell out while I was walking along the road.

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#10 Post by Jillianleab »

I STILL have dreams about my teeth... and other people's teeth...

Most of them since being de-braced are my teeth reverting back to worse than their original condition; as in, I have teeth growing out of the middle of my mouth where my tongue is supposed to go!

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#11 Post by jgrrl22 »

About 2 weeks before I got my braces on, I had a dream I had my braces in already. I was at home and I had a fight with my roommate. She and I were screaming at each other and suddenly she just reached up, grabbed ahold of the archwire between my two front teeth, and yanked! I looked over and my entire top archwire was laying on the living room floor, wire & brackets fully in tact, with several BLOODY TEETH still attached.

Needless to say, I was horrified. LOL Every time she and I get into a "play fight" she threatens to rip my braces out. Ha ha :lol:

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#12 Post by nimo »

I had a dream that I pulled them all off accidentally, and I was wondering exactly how in the world I was going to explain it to my doctor.

I have a splint in right now from my jaw surgery. I had a dream that I had gum stuck to my teeth and I was trying to get it off with my tongue. When I woke up I was pushing on the splint with my tongue.

I also had a dream that the placement of my jaw was WAY worse after surgery. But if I moved my mouth a certain way it looked all right.
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#13 Post by Becca »

Actually, no..I haven't had any dreams about my teeth. :wink:

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#14 Post by sean83 »

Not really, until last night which was just disturbing...

Firstly, I ran into an old mate, but ended up arguing and he reached in my mouth and pulled my braces out!

Later, I was trying to put them back in but they were disgusting. I have been concerned about my cleaning but this was scary!

Then, I dreamt that I woke up and my brace had gone and my teeth were worse than they used to be!

Any dream analysts are welcome to interpret! I'm scared to go to bed tonight... :shock:
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#15 Post by deb1 »

I haven't had any dreams that I recall, but almost every morning as I wake up I have that "Oh,yeah, I have braces" realization.
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