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What is the number one most important thing your orthodontist can provide to you?

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Time to listen to my concerns
An office close to my home or work
A pleasant modern office
A reasonable payment plan
A flexible appointment schedult
An efficient friendly staff
Stuff I need, like dental wax
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#16 Post by cledin »

My orthodontist was first my children's orthodontist; referred to me by many clients. He is incredible and so is his staff. Because I had already known them all for at least four years while my kids were going through braces, when it came time to ask for a consult for me, he couldn't have been happier. In fact, back in September when i went in for my consult, he was so ready to start, but I told him I needed to finish paying my daughter's bill before I could start another one! lol

In December, I decided the financial cost was too much for 2008 and I let his office staff know that I would be postponing just another year. He called me himself and told me that he really wanted to take this case and he could help me out with payments until 2009. How do you say no to that????

I am very comfortable with the staff and with the history there, I'm not afraid to ask questions. But like many have said here on this forum, HERE is where I ask most of my questions and read up so I know what I want to ask (in an educated way!)

So thanks to all of you!

(looking forward to adding my ticker factory!!)
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#17 Post by HIMgurl »

An efficient staff as to be the most important thing to me. You see the staff a lot more that you see the ortho. So its always nice have assistants who are helpful and a pleasant to be around.
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Tin Indian
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#18 Post by Tin Indian »

:D 1) Time to listen to my questions and concerns:
Very much so.

:D 2) An office close by home or work:
A 5 minute walk or if I'm lazy a 2 miute ride in my truck.

:D 3) A modern office:
Yes, only 10 yrs old and a new office being built as we speak to open in July!

:D 4) A reasonable payment plan:
Payment plans are only limited to your imagination.

:D 5) An efficient and friendly staff:
Its so friendly sometimes I hate to leave and appmts are always on time.

:D 6) Suff I need:
I sometime leave with so much stuff in hand I feel guilty!

And :D 7) The ortho and his staff really likes to make everyone who goes there gets treated like they like to be treated with kindness , caring and respect. They make everyone feel like family.
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#19 Post by MsViola »

An office close to home or work was the selling point for me. I have very little time and need to be able to get in and out quickly. I only have a 5 minute drive from my office which means I can get there quickly for emergencies or come in on short notice when someone cancels.

I am so blessed to have an Orthodontist that has all the other qualities listed. I have been nothing but happy with the care I have gotten so far.

Ms. Viola

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Braces Poll for March

#20 Post by jls0522 »

I think having an ortho who listens is important. But I also think having a knowledgeble, friendly staff is important too. Even though I learned alot from the staff at my ortho's office, this site has amazing info and lets you know you are not alone especially as an adult who has braces.

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#21 Post by purpleteeth »

Time to listen to my concerns: I'm an adult going through braces and I have concerns about how this is going to impact my job and my personal life, not to mention my financial situation. I am scared and braces hurt like NOTHING ELSE, so I want a staff to be understanding and listen to my concerns. I also want the office to acknowledge that I am an adult and that I have different needs and concerns than that of a child AND be considerate of them.

My ortho's office does a FABULOUS JOB!! We are treated with respect and dignity. We are adults being treated where lots of kids come and go, but also where adults can be treated equally (no separate exam room... which I would not tolerate - I want to be with everyone else). We get "tokens", just like the kids do too!! I have adult concerns and they address them professionally and tactfully.

There is an adult on staff who got her braces maybe a month before I got mine so everytime I come in, I check on her :) It's great! She knows what it feels like and every member of the staff has gone through braces as either an adult or as a child, so I feel secure knowing they know what it feels like!!

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#22 Post by acd »

I think that all of these are important but the most important is an orthodontist who is compotent, qualified and who has presents you with a treatment plan that makes sense that you can buy into. If he knows what he is doing and can convey that confidence to the patient and that goes a long way towards explaining what he is doing to the patient.

My ortho has two offices; I will go to whatever office suits his schedule (they're less than ten miles apart). I can buy ortho trinkets at Wal-Mart; I can't get a good ortho there however.

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#23 Post by Sandista »

I think these are all important, but I really think the most important is a qualified and capable ortho! here are my responses to the rest of the topics addressed:

1) Time to listen to my questions and concerns:
I would rate this one second. My ortho took the time to listen to me when I first found out I was going to need braces. Having braces was actually a result of my dentist not paying attention to me and I developed an open bite as a result of my nightguard not being the correct one for my situation (I'm a major clencher and have Tori - extra bone growth in my gums) that makes my ability to clench stornger than someone without tori (torus is the singular). I explained my problem to the ortho and he worked with the dentist with whom he is affiliated and I am not paying one dime for my braces or retainers.

2) An office close by home or work:
Important, but not crucial. The level of care is much more important to me.

3) A modern office:
Again, important they have up to date technology, and are clean & comfortable, but decor is not critical.

4) A reasonable payment plan:
Not applicable in my case

5) An efficient and friendly staff:
The staff at my ortho's office are THE BEST!!! The ortho and his staff crcked blone jokes the whole time I was getting braced. It really helped put me at ease. I have had many opportunities to heckle them as well and they are a very professional, good humored bunch of people.

6) Stuff I need like dental wax:
They have provided me with just about everything I need. I have purchased some things on my own, but it was not a big deal. Just as easy to order from!


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#24 Post by TsuKata »

1) An efficient friendly staff
2) Time to listen to my concerns

These two seem redundant to me. If the staff is really friendly, I shouldn't feel like there's no time to listen to my concerns. I should feel like they care about my concerns as much as I do.

3) A pleasant modern office
4) A flexible appointment schedult
5) An office close to my home or work

Not even on my list:
A reasonable payment plan - I'm lucky enough to not have to need this.
Stuff I need, like dental wax - I can get anything I need via the internet.
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#25 Post by DaneAnthony »

For me, I want an orthodontist who is going to listen to my concerns AND reassure me that everything is going as planned AND to tell me that I am doing a good job in terms of maintaining my teeth and braces. Hehehe...just had to chuck the other two in there because they are really important to me. :D
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#26 Post by Spanner »

#1 Time to listen to my concerns:

This is by far the most important thing. That's partly what you are paying for isn't it?

An office close to my home or work:
Important but not that important that I wouldn't travel for reason #1

A pleasant modern office:
Not important that it is modern but pleasant yes.

A reasonable payment plan:
Irrelevant to me

A flexible appointment schedule:
Irrelevant to me as I can get any time off work I need

An efficient friendly staff:
Very important, I'd rate this #2

Stuff I need, like dental wax:
Not important as I can get everything I need at my local chemist.

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#27 Post by ILOVENICKJONAS247 »

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my orthodontist is amazing.. and his staff too... im so close to getting done with my treatment... :D  :D  :D [/color]

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#28 Post by SuperDave »


thats almost not a fair question. its all of the above. but well asked.

i want to get what im paying for. after all, its quite a bit of money im spending here! and money doesnt exactly grow on trees guys. this is a substantial amount of money guys ! i am the customer,...and i want to be treated as such. if thats not too much to ask. i dont expect to be pampered, but like my questions answered and a friendly staff,...and all that ofther stuff.

now that being said...i have all that and more. i got the greatest doc there is. he likes to barter. cool. i could not be happier with the whole experience. nice folks, nice modern office...friendly, and doc teaches at the dental school, and has 20 years ...AND cause i work for the RR (he loves trains) he gave me a discount. SWEET...hey what more can you ask for. (Im taking him on a cab ride soon i hope.) nothing like a ridding a 12,000 ton freight train at 50 mph. hehehe. (all done by a dude wearing braces i might add). lol

Its kinda a friendly family enviroment. its very relaxed and not ever tense. really nice. the girls that work on me are really great. and soooo nice. i like them all. they are great. i really cannot think of one single bad thing to say other than.....RUBBER BANDS ! LOL guess they go with the territority. i know. they still are a pain in the ass.

all i can say is shop around if your in the market. if you dont like what you see...move on. i found a great doc very close by. im way more than pleased.