March Braces Poll

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What is the number one most important thing your orthodontist can provide to you?

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Time to listen to my concerns
An office close to my home or work
A pleasant modern office
A reasonable payment plan
A flexible appointment schedult
An efficient friendly staff
Stuff I need, like dental wax
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March Braces Poll

#1 Post by bbsadmin »

In this month's poll, please take a moment to disuss what you think is the most important thing that your orthodontist provides to you during your treatment.
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#2 Post by Lisa65 »

Time to listen to my concerns
Having a good working relationship with my ortho and feeling like I am involved in my treatment is the most important thing for me. I couldn't have entered into treatment with somebody who I felt did not take my wishes and opinions seriously or who did not treat me like an intelligent adult.

An office close to my home or work
It's handy to have his office close by, but I would have travelled if necessary.

A pleasant modern office
He's just moved to a nice new office. The old one was a bit tatty.

A reasonable payment plan
Helpful, but I would've taken out a bank loan if need be.

A flexible appointment schedule
I only work part time so I have all afternoon free for appointments.

An efficient friendly staff
It's nice to be greeted by name and have the staff remember personal things about me and ask me about them.

Stuff I need, like dental wax
I only get wax from him. Other stuff I buy in town or online.

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scheduling matters (2 IN MY family get treatment!)

#3 Post by Desiree »

What is the number one most important thing your orthodontist can provide to you?

Time to listen to my concerns
A bit of time, but I don't have too many concerns too often, so this is nto a biggie.
An office close to my home or work
nah... there is one closer, much closer... but we don't go there!
A pleasant modern office

I guess this matters a bit, doesn't have to be ultra new, but if it were an old dive I'd likely not be going.
A reasonable payment plan
well, this matters... but it is more so an issue with insurance providers, right?
A flexible appointment schedult
This matters quite a bit as there are TWO in my family going through orthodontics right now, so, fitting it in after school matters for my hight school son, I don't want to pull him from school for these appointments and too I have to fit the scheduling in around my shift work.
An efficient friendly staff
yes too, this matters... don't want them slow and poorly.
Stuff I need, like dental wax
heck no... some was provided but too it's all available at the drugstore for a reasonale cled.

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#4 Post by skintz »

Time to listen to my concerns, that is what AN orthodontist can do best for me. Unfortunately, mine doesn't do it...



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#5 Post by Rach »

Ooh this was a tough one, I was stuck between choosing time to listen to my concerns (my ortho always starts off by asking me how things are and if there are any problems) and efficient and friendly staff (which they are, Im always in and out within 15-20 minutes for an appointment and if im early I sometimes get to go in early!)

But I chose time to listen to concerns as it makes me feel like they care and they can get a better understanding of what needs to be done during that appointment or possibly changed during treatment. To me, that's very important!
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#6 Post by RainAndTangerines »

For me, an othordontist who listens to my concerns is very important as well as an efficient friend staff. I'm glad to say I have a really great orthodontist, and his staff is quite helpful too.

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#7 Post by loulou123 »

Efficient friendly staff are the most important for me, as i used to have a dentist phobia, i need staff i can feel relaxed with.

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#8 Post by *Denise* »

Time to listen to my concerns...which they hardly do.

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#9 Post by Nancy51 »

#1 for me: A flexible appointment schedule
Time is what I don't have much of!

Time to listen to my concerns
Fortunately, my treatment is pretty straightforward, and I can always dash off a question in an email. The staff are quick to reply.

An office close to my home or work
It's just this side of a little too far.

A pleasant modern office
As long as it's efficient, it looks as it looks.

A reasonable payment plan
I was surprised that plans existed; interesting and convenient.

An efficient friendly staff
They are, and I'm glad. I maybe take this for granted. :oops:

Stuff I need, like dental wax
I always like getting little freebies in little packets. 'minds me of Hallowe'en.

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#10 Post by gigiso »

Sorry, but how about competency, current techniques and equipment, highly respected, and well-deserved reputation.

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#11 Post by ilovemacs »

Time to listen to my concerns
The most important to me. I've addressed my concerns and problems and they've fixed them as soon as they could.

An office close to my home or work
It's nice by not top on my list.

A pleasant modern office
That's nice. The ortho I go to is very "in the times". He has all the equipment he needs (X-rays, in house lab tech.)

A reasonable payment plan
Yes, that's certainly important, but not top on my list.

A flexible appointment schedule
Well, it is nice because then I don't have to miss school. It's more of a problem for my mom and dad because they have to leave work. Lucky they have a courtesy shuttle that sometimes picks me up and drops me off at school.

An efficient friendly staff

Very important! I feel that it's much easier to communicate and voice my problems and concerns to friendly staff members.

Stuff I need, like dental wax
Not important but it's handy. My ortho only gives out one proxy brush and two refills, floss, and three threaders. He only gives the amount of the things listed above because you can buy those things listed above at the drug store, you can't buy wax or orthodontic toothbrushes. I don't mind because the products aren't that pricey. He gives out unlimited wax and orthodontic toothbrushes.

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#12 Post by SnowSara »

I feel lucky to have an office with all those qualities, but if I had to pick the one thing that stands out that really made my treatment easy, it would be the friendly, efficient staff. Those ladies were amazing and I told my ortho when I picked up my retainer that I would miss seeing them every 8 weeks and that he really has hired some amazing people to work with him. He said, "I know, they are so smart," and he went on to explain that he has always tried to keep an upbeat office where laughing and fun is encouraged and it really shows! :lol:

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#13 Post by Devushka »

Friendly Efficient staff is most important to me. It can make such a difference. A make or break type of thing for the orthodontic experience. Friendly, genuinely interested/concerned staff make me feel a lot less nervous and help me relax. Next important for me is location since I use city transit.

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Time to listen to my concerns definately my #1

#14 Post by lindesd »

It is imperative that my orto take all the time necessary to address my concerns. If not, I will find another ortho. The way I look at it, he works for me.


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#15 Post by mardziewall »

friendly efficient staff are whats most inportant to me!!
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