February Braces Poll

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Have you had (or will you need) any type of orthognathic surgery or extractions for your orthodontic treatment? (Log in to vote!)

Poll ended at Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:44 pm

Canine exposure
Other osteotomies (Lefort, BSSO, etc.)
I have not needed any type of orthognathic surgery or extractions
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February Braces Poll

#1 Post by bbsadmin »

Thanks to Meryaten for the idea for this month's poll, which deals with orthognathic surgery.

If you've had more than one type of procedure, vote for the main procedure and then tell us in a post what other procedures you've had. Please make your post inside THIS topic by clicking on Post Reply. Please don't start a new topic.

If you haven't had any extractions or procedures, then vote for "I have not needed any orthognathic surgery."
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#2 Post by kittymeow84 »

I don't need any appliances or extractions. :BigTeethGrin: My ortho says he will use some springs which I'm guessing will be to push some teeth apart to make room for the sticky-outy ones but that's all. So glad my case is relatively simple!
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#3 Post by Jillianleab »

The first ortho I spoke with said I needed four extractions and lower jaw surgery... I didn't like the sound of that plan so I got a second opinion. The second opinion ortho said no extractions and probably not surgery, it would have to be addressed later on. I picked him, had no extractions, no surgery, and the only extra appliances I had were elastics! Well, unless you count that evil tongue-pinching expander I had for two days until I had him take it out!

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#4 Post by Beckster »

Hm, do the 5 baby teeth I had extracted as a kid before/the last 2 were during my orthodontic treatment from 11-13 count?

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#5 Post by Betty Bat »

I didn't have orthognathic surgery, other than having 2 teeth pulled (one baby tooth and one wisdom tooth). But, as a continuation of my treatment, I'm in the process of dental implants. I got the titanium screws in my jaw back in November, and now I'm waiting to get the "tooth part".

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#6 Post by SnowSara »

I'm pretty lucky - I have a pretty simple case that will be done in 1 year in braces, no other surgery or special appliances needed.

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#7 Post by victor36 »

Even though my teeth were pretty crowded (check out my avatar), I was very lucky to not need any orthognathic surgery or extractions (I believe my ortho's exact words were, "We're gonna try to do this without any extractions.") And so far, that is that case.
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#8 Post by kaycee »

I had four extractions before I was braced. I will have upper and lower jaw surgery this summer (Leforte I and BSSO) for an overbite with long face/gummy smile and a short mandible. I can't wait!

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Monthly Poll

#9 Post by cogdispatchercg »

I had my extractions done about a month ago...Of course they are towards the front of my mouth. I can't wait until i go back for another adjustment so the holes will be filled in :HugeGrin:

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#10 Post by gabi »

I was told I'd need surgery to fix my open bite (due to TMJ), but the orthodontist said he can fix my bite with braces, rubber bands and anchor screws. We'll see.

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#11 Post by Tin Indian »

I had all four wisdom teeth removed years ago but was not braces related. Ortho did say that was a good decision by me and was making my braces expierience much easier on his and my part.
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#12 Post by HkyGrl s2k »

Doc said i need two teeth pulled from the top. Tooth #4 if you count fromt he front, on both sides.

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#13 Post by Norma »

I will have to get surgery to correct my lower jaw in the future. :(

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#14 Post by mariahfromchicago »

I realize that I am lucky.
1. I am 13
2. no surgery or appliances needed
3. only for cosmetic reasons
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#15 Post by spelliswonder »

Ugh--I had four teeth removed the week prior to my treatment. It has been 6 months now and the holes are still there.