January 2008 Braces Poll

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Do any of your new years resolutions involve your teeth or braces? (you must log in to vote!)

Poll ended at Thu Jan 31, 2008 2:46 pm

Not Sure
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Clairey Fairey
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#16 Post by Clairey Fairey »

Nope, thats was last years - 2007 Resolution - 'This year I'm going to sort my teeth out' and I did!!

This years was to eat less chocolate but I don't think its gonna happen!!

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#17 Post by Rach »

I voted 'yes' as I will get my braces off this year, hopefully before my birthday in July! And once I get them off I am going to whiten my teeth. :D :mrgreen:
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#18 Post by merkitaminasi »

although my treatment can be a headache...my life doesnt revolve around my mouth

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#19 Post by KateinCO »

I voted no. I already have the braces on and my ortho has my money, so there's no going back now. :D

My resolution has to do with me overall: I want to make the braces worth it, so I am doing everything I can to be healthy, positive and happy. I want to share my new smile as much as possible. (Even if it currently includes a pretty fair share of bling!)

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#20 Post by skintz »

I voted no cos my NY resoloution is to drink more water every day to stay hydrated, sad but it needs doing! My braces rub when i haven't drank enough.... :(



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#21 Post by Nancy51 »

I voted "yes" because I need to continue feeding my interest in maintaining flossing, which is no longer easy. :roll:

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#22 Post by metalmouthfreak »

My new years resolution is to brush better and close up my gap between my canines 8)

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#23 Post by metalfangs »

Hopefully I'll get my braces off before summer. So well, I want to get them off, and keep 'em clean. Anyway, I don't believe in New Year's resolutions because some of those "resolutions" are things we HAVE to do anyway. Keeping my teeth clean is a MUST, so I'd do it anyway.
Getting my braces off? well, that's not completely up to me so... I'll just enjoy the moment with or without braces.

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#24 Post by jmpmntwnty3 »

My resolution is to wear my elastics like I'm supposed to so I can get these things off by the summer or fall of this year. I don't wanna bring in 2009 as a braceface, not like there's anything wrong with being a braceface haha. I'm just ready to get these things OFF!
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#25 Post by sauerkraut »

I'm your first "Not Sure" vote!! :)

I don't really make New Year resolutions as such, but I have vowed not to put back on the weight I lost after SARPE, and I wasn't sure if that's exactly teeth/braces related or not...

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#26 Post by dabs »

Hi, just voted in the January poll, my braces were a decision based on years of regretting I didn't sort my teeth out as a teenager! I have never kept a new years resolution but I did get my braces at 39! My Orthodontist estimated 12-18 months and I am 7 months down, but I still cannot imagine how they will look when completed.

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#27 Post by KatieBug »

Well, I am not sure if my New Year's Resolution will invlove my braces. In a way I guess. I actually have a couple. 1st, to not spend so much money (well there goes that one...my inital payment of $1700 is due tomorrow!) 2nd, To not apologize for things that are not in my control (I have a tendancy to apologize for things I can not help...thus very annoying to my partner!), and 3rd to get fit (getting braces will help because I will have to be conservative of the things I put in my mouth!). Well there you go for those who are reading. We will see where I am in another year, hopefully richer, more confident, and lighter!! :D




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#28 Post by HeyTeach »

No. I intend to keep taking care of my teeth, but that's not a change or resolution. The decision to get braces last year was more a vernal equinox resolution than a new year's one.

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#29 Post by ThinK »

I voted No because everything involved with my braces this year is out of my control and I'm just going to go with the flow. I'm *hoping* that I'll have them off at the end of the year, but surgery is in 20 days so that's what I'm focusing on right now!

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#30 Post by PfectPitch »

I voted no, but really braces are an overall part of a long-term strategy on my part do treat myself better and make the most of what I have. I got them because of a bad bite and to save my teeth. But now I can see there are many benefits, and I'm glad to have done it.