Info about the Braces Polls

An archive of braces poll questions asked in previous years. This forum is read-only.

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Info about the Braces Polls

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Welcome to our new section: Braces Polls.

Braces polls are not new to I've been running them on the main site for years. In fact, you can see some of the previous questions in the poll archive:

I thought that moving the polls here to the message board would be more convenient for everyone (in fact, I ran a poll on the subject, and the majority agreed!)

Here are few ground rules:

1. Each member can only vote once. The poll will not let you vote more than once.

2. I am the only person who can create polls. I've seen poll creation by members run totally amuk on other message boards, and I think it would be better if only one person was asking the questions for the time being :wink:

3. Please DO NOT START NEW TOPICS on this Polls forum. This not the place to ask general questions. I want this forum to ONLY contain polls and comments on the given polls. If you post general questions on this forum, they will be moved to the Metal Mouth Forum.

4. If you have an idea for a future poll question, feel free to send me the suggestion, because I NEED SUGGESTIONS!!! I've been asking braces poll questions for about 5 years and it's getting hard to think of new ones!

5. Each poll will be open for voting for the current month only. No votes will be added to the poll after the current month has finished.
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