Help with Ticker?

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Help with Ticker?

#1 Post by Dreams »

Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask. I really wasn't sure.

I was wondering if someone wouldn't mind helping me set up a ticker to put in my signature.

I love the ones that say "42 days since I've been braced!"

I just got braced yesterday and would love to add the ticker. though I can't seem to figure it out on my own (and I've tried and tried..).

Can anyone help?

Thank you!
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#2 Post by opera^gal »

there is a section in the "how do I" part, a few lines above the Metal Mouth Forum that explains it
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#3 Post by Candy »

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#4 Post by Dreams »

Thank you Opera Gal.

I did eventually find that. Though still have questions. I can't for the life of me navigate to the proper area on the ticker site to get this done.

I tried once to make a ticker for this, and somehow managed to screw it all up.

HellPpPp! *laugh*
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#5 Post by Tommm »

Go to the "Event" under Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversary. Choose a bar then an icon. Then you put in your braces date. Then write "braced on top" or something in the text part (the ticker adds the "1 day since" part automatically). Set your timezone and you're all set.

I made you one as an example. Just copy:

img] ... /event.png[/img

into your sig and add a "[" in the beginning (without the quotes) and a "]" at the end. It should come out like: