How do I change my username?

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How do I change my username?

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You cannot change your user name by yourself. Only the administrator of the message board can change it.

Since I'm usually pretty busy, I ask that you only request a user name change for a really good reason. Simply not liking the name you chose for yourself is not a good reason. Too many people have asked me to do this on a whim and I'm sorry, I just can't comply with that request anymore.

Valid reasons include:

* Accidently using your real name as a user name
* Internet stalking (wanting to change your identity to protect yourself)

Immediately after I change your user name, you can log in only with that new name (not the old name). For this reason, you have to request a user name change BY EMAILING ME (DO NOT PM ME WITH THE REQUEST - USE ONLY EMAIL). Otherwise, you will not know when I changed it, and you will not be able to log in.

Once your user name is changed, all of your posts, both past and future will bear the new name.

To request a user name change send an email to: webmaster (at) and specify User Name Change in the subject field of your email. In the body of the email, specify:

* What is your current user name?
* Why do you want to change it?
* What do you want to change it to? (be specific)

After I make the change, I will reply to your email so that you know that you should log in with that new name.

Thanks for understanding.

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