Why can't I register? --- Why is my user name disallowed?

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Why can't I register? --- Why is my user name disallowed?

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If you are getting a "banned" notice when you try to register, it is because your domain or your IP address has been banned due to repeat spammers. That has nothing to do with you, but unfortunately your IP address or email domain may be affected.

To remedy the situation:

Email Ban: Try registering with a different email address (one that has a totally different domain). For example, if you tried to register as me-at-yada.org, try instead to register as me-at-hotmail.com or me-at-yahoo.com. If you don't have hotmail or yahoo accounts, you can create one for free just for the purpose of registering for this board.

Please be aware, however, that if you change your email address to something else in the future, it will inactivate your account (a weird bug in the board), and you will have to email me to re-activate your account.

IP Ban: If your email address is not the problem -- if the problem is your IP address, I suggest that you refresh and change your IP address.

If neither of these solutions work, you can contact the board admin by emailing webmaster (at) archwired (dot) com

Please also note that several words, phrases, and characters have been disallowed as user names because of the propensity of spammers using them. If the board keeps telling you that your user name is not allowed, use another combination of words or letters, or don't use any special characters.

Thank you for understanding.
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