gum recession?

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gum recession?

#1 Post by lesley »

I have noticed that my gums are being pushed up...and I have only had invisalign for 7 weeks so I can only imagine what it will be like after a year.

Has anyone else had this? How do you stop it? I have tried brushing my teeth less hard..


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#2 Post by invisagirl »

Wow I never had that happen to me. Are you sure the tooth isn't just becoming longer making it look like the gum is pushed up (its the only thing I can think of)? Depending on when your next app is maybe you should call your ortho.

Good luck!

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#3 Post by rooroo »

Definently show it to your orthodontist at the next appointment. Be sure you're flossing every day, and using Listerine. I have a slight amount of recession on my lower teeth because I got a little lazy with flossing.
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