Ortho won’t let me wear elastics for more than 12 hours a a day?

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Ortho won’t let me wear elastics for more than 12 hours a a day?

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Hello all,

I started treatment on Thursday, my Invisalign treatment is to last 2 years, which was a big surprise to me, because when I was young I had a regular braces that I wore for a year to fix my teeth.

I’m now 32 and got Invisalign. My treatment plan is 2 years. I am to wear retainers for 24 hours a day except for when eating and I am to wear elastics for 12 hours a day. I decided to wear my elastics the same amount of time as I wear my retainers, I figure this would speed up the process.

I called my ortho to ask them about this and the orthodontists response was that wearing them for more than 14 hours a day would over correct my bite. I have a deep overbite.

Another question I have is, why would am I getting a class 3 elastic treatment for a deep overbite? Shouldn’t I get a class 2? When I asked him this, he said I have a class III skeletal pattern. Yet, I am diagnosed with a deep overbite (my top teeth overlap my bottom). Is it normal use class 3 elastics for a deep bite overbite?

And will wearing elastics for more than 12 hours a day over correct my bite like my ortho said? I’ve read that only 12 hour wear does nothing.

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