Getting my Aligners Tomorrow

Discussions about treatment with invisible braces that use clear aligners, such as Invisalign, OrthoClear, the Red White and Blue system, etc.

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Getting my Aligners Tomorrow

#1 Post by cssteam909 »

My first round of braces was about 15 years ago. My ortho pretty much got tired of me because my teeth wouldn't move as she wanted them to. She took all the brackets off except the front 6 of top and bottom put on a bonded retainer on bottom and gave me a Hawley for the top. When the Hawley came in, she took off the remaining brackets. Before she did that I questioned several things that didn't look right. I was told, the roots are in the right spot, its the shape of your teeth that make it look off. The bonded retainer was bonded to all 6 of my front teeth on bottom. Over the years, the bonded retainer has popped off of a couple of teeth and about 4 weeks ago it broke. So I called my prior ortho and tried to set up an appointment and was told it would take about 2 weeks to get me in. Now, this thing is stabbing me, I'm not waiting 2 weeks. A coworker said call your dentist see what they will do. I had already talked to my dentist and they won't touch it. So I tell my coworker this. She then my dentist. So I'm like, it can't hurt. So I do. I call, talk with a really nice lady and she tells me that since it is not just unbonded but actually broken, I really needed to talk with an ortho. I proceeded to tell her that they couldn't get me in for a couple of weeks and that it was stabbing me. They advised me that they use XYZ Ortho to give them a call. I call that location and they are able to get me in the next day. They emailed me all the new patient forms so I can have them filled out in advance. Everyone from the moment I called this location to the tech that took off my bonded retainer to the Ortho himself was so nice. After having a discussion with him and how I have not been happy with the outcome of my teeth from the first round of braces, I decided to do this journey again. They took all the photos, x-rays, and did the digital scans. That was so much better than the tray of goop. This time I qualify for Invisalign and will be getting my first trays tomorrow. He said treatment time will be 18-24 months and I will have rubber bands and attachments, how many or when is unknown at this time. I will have quarterly (12 weeks) appointments for checkups. And I was the first person to sign up and pay the down payment for Invisalign in their new office (which they had only been in 1 previous day).

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Re: Getting my Aligners Tomorrow

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Got all of my aligners, about a million attachments (9 on top and 9 on bottom), some IPR on my bottom front teeth.
I was really shocked when my ortho handed me all three boxes of aligners.
I have 39 aligners for my first round. I will be changing them weekly on Wednesday's.
I wore them just about all day yesterday and so far all day today with the exception of eating of course.
My top aligner I don't have any problems taking off or putting it on, but my bottom one is another story...I feel like it gets stuck and it is very hard to take off.
I've had no pain, but have had a little pressure on some of my teeth.

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Re: Getting my Aligners Tomorrow

#3 Post by Stinkfut »

Rubber bands and attachments with clear aligners? I didn't know that was a thing. You had your bonded retainer for 15 years? How long did you wear the Hawley retainer? I really wish I'd worn mine longer, I'm considering getting braces again at 42.

Good luck on your second round, please keep us updated. There are a couple of orthodontists around here that don't like the clear aligners and I'd like to know why.

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Re: Getting my Aligners Tomorrow

#4 Post by Nozzelnut »

I can relate! My new orthodontist also mentioned rubber bands and attachments with my soon to be picked up aligners.

Starting March 3rd for about 14 months of treatment.

Good luck with your treatment!
Round 3 (lifetime) Damon stainless applied 3/16/20 (after 4 weeks attempting invisalign)
Upper ceramics 5/21/14, Lower stainless 5/28/14
Double jaw surgery was 6/18/15. Estimated time Jan 2016; still on at my 2 year anniversary...
Braces removed 7/20/18; upper and lower Hawley and Essix retainers with bonded lower too.
I'm emphatically against extraction orthodontics!

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Re: Getting my Aligners Tomorrow

#5 Post by Smileop »

I feel your pain. My ortho was so relaxed about the whole thing saying it wouldn’t be that bad or noticeable at all. Walked in for my appointment and Walked out with 24 attachments and elastics. I literally was speechless in multiple ways

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Re: Getting my Aligners Tomorrow

#6 Post by Speck »

Smileop wrote:
Sun Feb 09, 2020 11:32 am
My ortho was so relaxed about the whole thing saying it wouldn’t be that bad or noticeable...walked out with 24 attachments and elastics. I literally was speechless in multiple ways.
Welcome to the world of Highvisalign! :lol:

Yep, my experience exactly.

Best wishes for desired outcome! :)




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