Open Bite and Invisalign

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Open Bite and Invisalign

#1 Post by JenRoz615 »

I am new to this board and wanted to see if there was anyone out there with a similar situation.
I just went back to the dentist after years of avoiding it due to fear. The dental stuff I need done is fortunately minor, but this has brought a whole host of orthodontic issues that I wasn't previously aware of to the forefront!
A couple of them are no big deal-for example, I have some minor crowding in my lower teeth due to not having my wisdom teeth removed when they first came in.
HOWEVER, it appears I have an open bite. (I guess I have always had one, but really never thought it about, as I never show my teeth when I smile.)
I have a LOT of confusion, even after having done quite a bit of research.
First of, how did this happen? Both my parents have sworn up and down I barely sucked my thumb even as a baby. I certainly wasn't running around sucking my thumb or with a pacifier when my permanent teeth started coming in. My jaw and face appear normal. I have never had breathing issues-I am actually a reasonably competitive runner.
Second, how is it that this doesn't cause me problems? I have no trouble eating apples and the like, no pain, no speech difficulty.
Finally, has anyone in a similar situation and close in age (I'm in my late forties) had luck with Invisalign? Everything I have read seems to point towards orthogonic surgery with this issue. No way I am doing that-it's not practical for me to come up with $15K PLUS miss work for two or three weeks to have my jaw realigned. On top of that, as I mentioned before I am a reasonably competitive runner, plus I just changed careers. Even if I could afford surgery I can't see it working out. If it means being stuck with weird teeth then I guess I will live, but it would be nice to fix this issue!
Would appreciate any thoughts or sharing of experiences. I will post a pic once I get my minor dental work done, but again, normal shape of face and jaw.

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Re: Open Bite and Invisalign

#2 Post by jfriend33 »

Please check my posts. Invisalign is great for molar intrusion if done correctly. What happens when you open your mouth. Is your tongue in the spot in the roof of your mouth? Posture at rest is more important than thrusting but see where your tongue is when you smile and swallow.

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