Invisalign versus clear damon braces to fix underbite

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Invisalign versus clear damon braces to fix underbite

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I'm 50 year old male. I had braces when I was 15 years old.

Both orthodonists I went to recently say

- I currently by definition now have a mild class III malcolosion underbite but it isn't skeletal.
- I have a difficult case because I had the 2 upper teeth removed when I was a child and underbite.
- They will use class III elastics and may have to remove a lower tooth after I had my braces on for a while to potentially help fix underbite.
- My treatment plan will be between 1 year and 18 months.

One orthodonist recommended damon clear braces and another said invisalign with potential braces.

1. Damon Clear Braces. One orthodonist said I wasn't a candidate for invisalign because when I clinched my jaw it didn't move freely. He said invisalign is only good for cases that are a 5 or 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. He recommended damon clear braces with class III elastics from the get go. He said he has much more in his arsenal with damon braces than invisalign (he's very experienced with damon braces). He may need to remove a lower tooth to fix underbite at some point. He said I'm not a surgery candidate. His total price after insurance is $4800.

2. Invisalign/braces combo. The other orthodonist recommended invisalign with attachments and class III elastics. The clincheck showed after 40 weeks/aligners that I would have a slight underbite but my teeth would be straight. After 40 weeks he said he'll run another invisalign scan and go from there. At that point he may need to remove a lower tooth and put me in braces on bottom to close the gap and hopefully fix underbite. He said there is a possibility after week 40 that he may just do refinements and leave me with a slight underbite and if I wanted to fix underbite I would need surgery (another ortho I went to several years ago also said invisalign plus surgery). He is a very experience invisalign provider (top 1%) and believes invisalign can be just as good as braces in my case. His total price after insurance is $3800.

I would like some advise, damon clear braces or invisalign/braces combo. I'm looking for the best result to fix underbite.


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