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Trays have chemical smell and taste

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:49 pm
by TiltingAtWindmills
The new series of trays that I received today have a strong chemical smell and taste. Throughout the day I've tried several things to get rid of it: I've rinsed them out, then brushed them gently with a mild toothpaste, then soaked them in RetainerBrite, and finally soaked them in baking soda and water. The taste isn't subsiding at all. I know to avoid mouthwash or anything with alcohol because it degrades trays, so I think I'm out of options. I have a box of 11 sets of trays, and opened a few more to see if this is an anomaly, but they all seem to have this smell. In the past year of Invisalign, I've only noticed an off taste a few times- nothing this strong, and nothing a gentle brush with toothpaste didn't resolve. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any tips or advice?

Re: Trays have chemical smell and taste

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:11 am
by liner
hmm. No never.
I would ask your ortho.

Re: Trays have chemical smell and taste

Posted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:29 am
by chinglnc
that does sound like- I have noticed that they changed the packaging material, but not the trays themselves. Best to check with your ortho- we are wearing the trays for such a long hour, so it's better to find out whether it's safe...

Re: Trays have chemical smell and taste

Posted: Fri Sep 07, 2018 1:08 pm
by TiltingAtWindmills
Thanks everyone! In case anyone has a similar problem, I wanted to give an update with how long it lasted, what we think it was, and what the fix was for me.

What I experienced: The terrible taste lasted just under 4 days. By the second day, food didn't taste right (scary day), and by the third, the problem was dissipating. By the time I got back to the ortho,on day 4 it was pretty much gone.

Guesses at what it might have been: We think it was because the trays were a fast order and were packaged too quickly, trapping some chemicals that would otherwise have off-gassed, or that it could also have something to do with the new packaging material. My ortho offered to re-order, but by then the problem was gone so I said I'd see if airing out the next sets solved the problem before making him go to the trouble.

THE FIX! Whether any of our guesses about the problem were right, the great news is that the fix worked. It was as simple as getting the trays out of their bags. It has been 6 sets since, and I haven't smelled or tasted a hint of chemical since. Here's what I did: I took the next two sets out of bags, did a 5-10 minute soak in a 50/50 water and vinegar mix, rinsed them well, and tossed them in a bowl of baking soda. By the time I needed the next set, no smell. Since then, I've been continuing to take the trays out of bags at least two weeks before I need them, and just dropping them in the baking soda for safe storage. I assume I probably don't even need the baking soda, but it's such an easy and cheap extra measure. I never want that chemical taste again; it was awful.

TLDR: If your trays smell and taste like chemicals, try taking them out of the packaging and letting them air out (maybe even sitting in baking soda) for at least two weeks before you need them. It worked for me.