Damon braces, cleaning and tooth discolouration

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Damon braces, cleaning and tooth discolouration

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I have been in Damon braces for around 5 months now
I clean my teeth morning lunch tea and bed by brushing two mins, water flossing and then mouthwash,
I use the little tee pee brushes for in between my bottom front teeth for a few crowded bits but I’m still finding plaque build up round every single bracket :-+ and maybe my eyes are playing tricks but I think since I’ve stopped using toothpaste with whitening in it my teeth are not as white.
I’m trying to avoid any discoloured teeth or marks left from brackets, my dentist has suggested visiting the hygienist but I wonder how many times you go a year with braces as it’s quite costly

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Re: Damon braces, cleaning and tooth discolouration

#2 Post by EmilyTravels »

I have read that you should go for a dental cleaning every three months while in braces, but I can't afford that either (plus I hate going to dentists!) I had a cleaning right before I got my braces on and then again after six months. It really helped whiten up my teeth, as I also had some yellow discoloration from not using whitening toothpaste. Since my cleaning, I started using whitening toothpaste again once every couple of days, just not 3x a day every day like I used to. They have stayed pretty good with this method, and I don't anticipate any marks when my braces are removed, as they were pretty white before braces.

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