Front teeth not straight

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Front teeth not straight

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I am at my refinement stage and my purpose of fixing doing braces is to fix my front teeth so that it's 'straight' (e.g. if I touch my teeth all way round, I should feel it's smooth rather than 'bumpy' especially at my two front teeth and the tooth next to them).

I am a little surprised that the end results of the refinement still showing the 'bumpy' bit (circled below). I wasn't happy when I saw my clincheck but my Ortho expressed that we can discuss further after this around (which takes 20 weeks).

Is it normal to fix that kind of issue the last thing of the treatment? Before I started my treatment, my ortho suggested I might need to do IPR so that the teeth has room to move, but I have been on my treatment for over 9 months now, and I haven't done any IPR at all. I was hoping the bumpy front teeth issue would get fixed during the refinement but it doesn't look like it's happening. This also means I will be going through more refinements :-(

Does anyone has any thoughts?
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